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    massey ferguson 180 hydraulic issue

    just finished putting my 180 back together after rebuilding transmission new main hydraulic pump and new auxiliary pump rebuilt multi-power clutch replaced or repaired anything that needed it now the draft control lever will not go past half way forward anybody have any idea what i did wrong
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    massey ferguson 180 hydraulic pump

    I have a Massey Ferguson 180 that i need to repair or replace the hydraulic pump on i see pumps for sale on the internet from $250 to $700 and repair kits for $200 trying to decide which way to go.Has anyone had any experience with these pumps or with any suppliers or brands of pumps that are...
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    Hydraulic lift piston

    I have the lift top cover off my Massey Ferguson 180 and was going to replace the 3 steel rings on the lift piston but is see that there is a replacement piston with one ring that is available my old piston looks good but if the new style piston is an improvement i would use it any one changed...
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    massey ferguson 180 hydraulic pressure

    I have a massey ferguson 180 1966 model that i just bought.It is a project tractor with a few issue.I am getting ready to split it to work on the hydraulics.I attached a tester to the remote hydraulic outlet and got 1500 that enouth?I attached the the gauge to the outlet on the left side...