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  1. J

    Skid steer snow blower on tractor loader?

    Not sure if anyone has brought this up yet.
  2. J

    Not sure JD 2720 valve

    So, I have it all plumbed and had a leak show up after I was using it for awhile. Seems to be coming from the factory installed pressure relief valve. My question is when I take it apart the put some sealer on it ,will it come out clean or are there springs behind it? I only know enough about...
  3. J

    Grapple for JD 2720

    I've got it a plumbed and been using it some. Going to make a bracket for FEL lines and I did put QD's buy the other ones.
  4. J

    Grapple for JD 2720

    We guys here is an update on the progress. I've started the plumbing and of course, missing a couple of things. Here are some pictures that I can check out and give me some feedback on. Also, here is a link to some of the information that I've been going by.
  5. J

    Grapple for JD 2720

    I did look at that one also. I went with CTA 50 inch.
  6. J

    Grapple for JD 2720

    Bigtiller, the weights are off a old JD combine . There right around 100lbs each and make a big difference for stability with the FEL. I will have to remove the right rear from my 2720 to get access to the hydraulic block.
  7. J

    Grapple for JD 2720

    Well I have finally got around to building the bracket for the 3 spool valve I bought. Here are some pictures of the mock up. My plan from the original idea has changed so I will have to get some other fittings, when the plumbing starts. I also took a picture of the 100lb weight that I spoke...
  8. J


    I would like into a 2 series. I was looking at the 1025r. Than ran across a 2720 used. Way more tractor and it would match the implements that you have.
  9. J

    Help with 1993 Ford 1520

    Sorry forgot to say they have a loader selection guide. Ta-111 is what they recommend. Try it out and give them all the info.
  10. J

    Help with 1993 Ford 1520

    Try It's a company called Westendorf and they make a good loader for smaller tractors. Get much over 120hp with mfwd and be careful using them.
  11. J

    Grapple for JD 2720

    Thanks I'll check it out.
  12. J

    Grapple for JD 2720

    Just a update. I've got the grapple here and it really looks great. Now I just have to find the time the make the bracket for the valve and a location. Not much room on these little things. LoL
  13. J

    Cheap, sturdy, handy chainsaw holders.

    All great add ons. Now I have me thinking 🤔
  14. J

    Grapple for JD 2720

    I have a quote coming for the 50in grapple from CTA. Pretty sure I'm going with them. Now all I have to do is get the power beyond and valve's put on. O yeah and gripe about the 100lb weights I put on it. LoL .Pretty sure I have all the parts for it. Just have to build the bracket's.
  15. J

    Grapple for JD 2720

    I'll check those out. Thanks guys.
  16. J

    Grapple for JD 2720

    Looking for some information from the guys that have a 2720 or similar size tractor. 2k ish lbs fel 800lift capacity. Been looking at grapple's again and kinda stuck on the 48 titian 450 lbs. EA said 12 to 15 weeks back log 55" 300lbs. Plus try to justify an extra 1k $ is kinda hard to...
  17. J

    Loader john deere loader joystick problems

    OK when I push the joystick all the way ahead it does not go into float. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  18. J

    Comparison new holland 311 vs 570

    OK still here. So I found two maybe deals on little square balers. First is a 311 with. 70 thrower. ( don't want the thrower) . 570 all manual settings 1700 more. Let's call them the same shape. The way the dealers were talking ...... Think the 570 is in better shape and both are 150mi away or...
  19. J

    hello im new to this fourm but not equipment

    I'm from western Iowa and have visited this fourm many times. So, i decided to join as i sometimes see where i could help out . I own JD equipment and some others.