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    Hydraulic motor power vs speed

    The pump is a .36 ci gear pump. Ya open to any motor. No idea what pressures the system is running at as there is no gauge. At the end of the day, is changing the displacement of either the pump or the motor basically doing the same thing as changing the sprocket ratio in terms of speed vs...
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    Hydraulic motor power vs speed

    This is the winch
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    Hydraulic motor power vs speed

    Sorry this is not on a tractor, its on a boat. The hydraulic power unit is run from a 9 hp honda. I thought about the log splitter pump but I am running a 5 spool valve which also controls the boom cylinders. The entire system works good now other than it takes about 15 seconds to pull in 20...
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    Hydraulic motor power vs speed

    I'm trying to compare motors with quite different displacement. A 23 ci/rev 4500in-lbs motor which turns at 150rpm gear up to match the speed of a 5 ci/rev 1500in-lbs motor that turns at 750 rpm. My application is I have a winch made with the 5ci motor and it is geared down with chain and...
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    Hydraulic motor power vs speed

    Generally speaking, if a larger displacement hydraulic motor is geared up with chain and sprockets to achieve the speed of a faster smaller displacement motor, will it still have more power (torque) than the smaller motor?
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    Red transmission gear dash light. This light has been on for years, everything works fine. I did replace the transmission pressure sensor switch a few years ago on the dealers advice but the light came back on shortly after. I just replaced the transmission filter but that didnt get rid of it...
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    Loose loader control

    I have a TN75 and the loader control has a lot of play. Top moves side to side 6". How do I tighten it up. Dealer says replace it at $800.00 Not happening. Should the ball stud (red arrow) be tight in the cast aluminum part (blue arrow) of control? Now it is held in place with a roll pin and has...
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    Fuel sender

    My tn75 fuel gauge doesnt work, will a generic after market unit work with the NH gauge? I am assuming the factory sender will be millions like ever other part on it.
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    Tn75da joystick bushings

    Any sources for bushings for joystick. I have about 5" of side to side play. Dealer only sells complete units for around $600.00
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    3pt hitch tiller

    Want to build a tiller 6 feet wide or so Should I go PTO powered or hydraulic. If hydraulic can I just use hydraulics from tractor TN75. If hydraulic, can motor shaft directly turn tiller Or should the be a chain drive.
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    Side hydraulic brush cutter

    I built this a few years ago. Works great. Uses 10" saw blades. Hydraulic motor turns the first sprocket, then each shaft feeds the following one.
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    TN75 air conditioning

    TN75 da AC problem. No cold air, quickly depressed shrader valves to see if they had pressure and they do. If I turn on AC the compressor will engage and run. If I increase engine speed the compressor will squeal and then sometimes stop turning although belt is still turning clutch sheave. It's...
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    Polyethylene seem welder

    The price is reasonable, doesnt need to be strong as the mussels grow into the mesh within a few days which supports their weight. Worth a try, I wonder if it would be possible to increase the temperature as the mesh may require more heat than a polyethylene bag
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    Polyethylene seem welder

    Not really tractor related but there are smart minds in this forum. I need to build something to melt polyethylene netting together. I'm thinking something similar to the way ketchup packets/mr freezes etc are sealed. We buy 1000 yard rolls of this polyethylene sock netting, cut it into 10'...
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    TN 75 fuel pump leak?

    The kit is a available but my dealer told me they used to rebuild them but got away from doing it as they never had great success with it. I ended up buying the whole pump for 100 bucks.
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    TN 75 fuel pump leak?

    I noticed some fuel spurting Out of a weep hole in what I assume is the lift pump On my NH 2005 TN75DA. What is going on here, its about 2 steady light spurts every second. Thanks
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    Something to tear up sod

    Original poster here. I couldn't let it rest and finally got around to building this contraption. I had pretty much everything kicking around the shop except for some pillow block bearings and sprockets. Engine is 8 hp from dead generator. Drum is turning 320 RPM at WOT. I welded 22 6" length...
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    Something to tear up sod

    I built a dirt bike track for kids in an old hay field. Kids want me to make something like a tiller but to only tear up about an inch or 2 deep. I was thinking of making something about 5 feet wide like a 4" pipe with dozens of 2" pieces of flat bar welded onto it. I have an old 8hp engine and...
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    Tracked snow groomers

    Our ATV club here in eastern canada is looking a buying a 1995 Bombardier BR160 tracked groomer with 6500 hrs to groom winter trails with a drag. Can a machine like this be used for anything in the off season in terms of trail maintenance. Also would a machine like this be a giant headache in...
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    Better front floatation

    I have a TN75 and the front wheels dig in deep when carrying a load of logs out of forest on loader. What are the option to help this. Are there extra wide front tires in common sizes that would work? Thanks
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    Dozer ID

    Can anyone tell me what type of dozer this is from 1970s. Is it capable of getting stumps out. Its for ssle locally for 2500 and apparently starts right up.
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    Rotary Cutter Shear pin or slip clutch

    I have a bush hog squealer 720 that came with a slip clutch. I have it attached to my TN75 tractor. Not paying attention i burned up the slip clutch then tightened up the springs to the point it would not slip anymore now broke the pto yoke. Should i replace yoke with a shear pin type? When...
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    Loader won't stay put

    I have a Tn75 and the LC32 loader bucket creeps down fairly fast ( approx 1' in 20 minutes ) I assume this must be oil bypassing the piston seal going from one side of cylinder to the other. I asked dealer about a seal kit for these cylinders and the price was ridiculous, several hundreds of...
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    Building heavy loading ramps

    I want to build a pair of steel loading ramps to put my 9000lb tractor onto a 31" deck over trailer. How long and what size material should I use. Thanks
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    Removing grease zerk

    TN 75 and one of the grease zerks broke on the loader. It sits in a recess so I can't really grab what's left of it and it must be hardened steel because I can't drill it. Any ideas
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    TS 100 Master cylinder leak

    A buddy has a TS 100 and the master cylinder is leaking where the pedal pushes in the piston. Can these be repaired with new seals. Dealer says he has to buy a new master cylinder for $800.00 Thanks
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    Buying used lathe

    I have been looking for a lathe for a while now and recently found 2 for sale locally. One is a 13" Southbend $2400.00 canadian and the other is a King 1440G $2750.00 looks similar to a Birmingham 1440 . Of these 2 which would you buy and why? Thanks for any opinions
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    balancing cylinder

    How do I go about plumbing a cylinder so the speed it moves in and out is the same. Is there some sort of bypass valve that will divert a portion of fluid to the opposite end perhaps. I am using it to turn a boom and if an inexperienced employee fully moves the spool valve it swings wildly in...
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    wiring toggle switch

    Not tractor related but I have a little 50 Giovanni quad and it has a 4 pin 2 position key switch, we lost the keys and I want to replace it with a simple toggle switch. There are 4 wires, one key position completes 2 wires (black and red) and leaves other 2 ( green and black/white) open, other...
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    ideas for pulling tarp edge

    I put up a large tarp building and before I had it all fastened the wind caught it and tore one of the inner flaps which had many grommets in it. This flap is used to tension the tarp end to end. There is still approx 2 inches of flap there but I need to figure out a way to be able to pull on...
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    leveling rough ground

    I recently cleared 2 acres of forest and had a dozer in to stump it and roughly level it. What attachment is typically used next to smooth out the ground before spreading grass seed. There is one of these for sale locally for $250.00, would it do what I want, I have a TN-75 (75hp 4x4) tractor
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    post hole digger blades

    I posted this in "attachments" but got no response so I will try here. I bought a used 20 year old john deere pto post hole digger with 14" auger, I went to john deere to get replacement blades and they wanted $100.00 for 2 little blades. I am going to make my own, would leaf spring steel be a...
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    Posthole Digger post hole digger blades

    I bought a used 20 year old john deere pto post hole digger with 14" auger, I went to john deere to get replacement blades and they wanted $100.00 for 2 little blades. I am going to make my own, would leaf spring steel be a good choice? How about an old road grader blade?
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    testing electrical

    I have a 200 amp hybrid mig from northern tool (mig, stick and tig)and it does not seem hot enough. My buddy has the identical machine and it works fine. This is a replacement unit under warrantee as the old one was the same. I am thinking the problem may lay in the input voltage/amperage. I had...
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    TN75 PTO problem

    I am using my TN75 with a woodchipper, after running for an hour or so the PTO will not shut off. If I disengage the lever the cable stays engaged, I removed the cable and lubricated it and it slides freely. If I shut the tractor down and disengage the lever and then start it up again, the cable...
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    Posthole Digger old john deere post hole digger

    I bought a used john deere post hole digger and it came with a PTO shaft with a large spring wrapped around the end that goes onto the tractor. Also it has a shear bolt assembly with 4 holes, in one side the holes are almost 3/4" and the other side approx 3/8", what is the idea with this, the...
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    Rotary Cutter bush hog etc...

    Is a rough cut mower and a bush hog the same thing? I want something to cut long grass, small trees, bushes 1-2" in diameter. Would a flail mower do this or is a bush hog more appropriate. Are there any brands, styles to avoid, there is a local auction coming up and they have some new 5' and 6'...
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    pto mulcher

    Has anyone ever tried to build a pto mulcher such as this , Forestry mulcher MINIFORST - forestry attachment for PTO/tractors 55 - 90 HP | SEPPI M. I seen used ones going for 11000. Why are they so expensive, it seems simple enough to build.
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    TN-75DA rear wiper motor

    I stripped a gear in the wiper motor and got a new one. Is there a particular method of installing these. There are 2 threaded mounting points, I assume you would want even pressure squeezing on the glass. Dealer is of no help in terms of a diagram, it came with several plastic sleeves and...
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    small engine charging system

    I have a 6.5hp electric start clone and added a second charging coil so there are 2 under the flywheel now. This engine came with a small diode and the coil I took from a honda 9hp had a small rectifier. Should I keep both independent of each other and then splice them together after their...
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    2005 TN-75 engine problem

    Today I tried to start my TN-75 and it wouldn't start, would just turn over so I bled it and finally got it to start . It would rev up normally for a couple of seconds and then die down to around 1000 rpm. It will idle fine but when I give it more throttle it makes more smoke but will not rev...
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    ideas for clearing grown in trails

    I found this at a local farm equipment dealer for 300. would it be capable of cutting branches up to 3/4" . I would mount it on the fel the same as the samurai.
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    ideas for clearing grown in trails

    I want to build something that I could mount to an ATV or ATV trailer or small tractor that would cut the branches that grow into the local trails, mostly spruce 3/4" diameter max. Is there anything like this that exists I could copy. I have seen snowmobile trail groomers that have an old style...
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    Chipper PTO Chippers

    I did some searching etc.. and it seems many people are happy with the 8" hyd woodmaxx, I am in Canada and found a canadian dealer selling what looks to be the identical chipper, exact same price after shipping, these guys and woodmaxx are both out of stock until late june/early july. Is it the...
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    Vertical bush hog idea

    I would like to clear some grown in branches on old roads etc.. What if I mounted a 13 hp horizontal shaft engine inside my front end loader bucket so the shaft was sticking out the side of the bucket. Then mount a bush hog drum/blade to it and have a guard protecting the cab. What diameter...
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    Buying Advice JD5320, NH TN-75 or Kubota M6800

    I have been looking for a 50-65 hp tractor with cab and loader for a few months and then all of a sudden these three came up, they all have less than 800 hours. JD is 2004/$24000.00, NH is 2006/$29000.00 and Kubota is 2005/$32000.00 Which should I get. Should any of these be avoided? Thanks for...
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    2006 tn-75

    I found a used 2006 TN-75 with 800hours , powershift and loader for $29000.00 How is this price and is there anything in particular that is problematic with these tractors? Thanks for any help.
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    DK45 lifting capacity with forks

    The specs state 2700lbs at pin, in my case I will have a forklift rotator the forks and a 42" X 42" plastic tank of shellfish. I took the rotator,forks and tankfull of shellfish to the scales and those three things together weighed 2200lbs. The rotator is very heavy, must be close to 500lbs but...
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    dk45 or dk50 for blowing snow

    I plan on buying either a DK-45 se hst or a DK-50 se hst mostly for blowing snow. Is there any sense paying an extra $1500.00 to go from 36pto hp of the DK-45 to 37.5 pto hp of the DK-50? Also should I get a 6' or 6.5' blower.
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    john deere 4600

    I am looking at buying a 1999 john deere 4600 with 460 loader. It has 3200 hours, is this high or is there lots of life left in it. It was owned by a golf course. Also could I expect it to lift pallets with 1500 lbs up 7'. I also want this for blowing snow. Would this be a good purchase, it is...