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    Warren Buffett’s Money

    So, everyone has heard of Warren Buffett. The Oracle of Omaha. He released information today on the investments he has in Berkshire and it’s kind of surprising. 70% of Berkshire’s portfolio is made up of only 4 companies: - Apple worth $135 billion - Bank Of America worth $42 billion - AMEX...
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    Baseball Cards

    I read today that after next year, baseball cards will no longer be made by Topps. MLB is going with another company. Got me thinking about collecting baseball cards as a kid. Who was the one player you really wanted to get - and were excited when you finally found his card in the pack? Mine...
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    Oil Change Place

    My wife takes her car to an oil change place. They do a fast job and it costs $49.99 including synthetic oil. This time they told her the air filter needed changing. The guy said “but, you should know the person who changed it last put it in backwards”. Wife says “that’s funny since you guys...
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    Who Plays Pickleball?

    There is a huge Pickleball event at my wife’s place this weekend. It’s a National event and they will convert the 18 tennis courts into 36 Pickleball courts. They rented the entire facility from this Wednesday thru Sunday. Over 800 players (plus friend/family) will be attending from all over...
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    Dangerous Pokémon Cards

    Out of an abundance of caution, Target will no longer sell Pokémon and other trading cards in its stores in order to protect the safety of employees and customers. You can’t make this stuff up if you tried. Don’t ask me what a Pokémon is but I collected baseball cards as a kid. Never worried...
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    Applied For Medicare

    Well folks - another milestone. I applied for Medicare today online. I turn 65 in August and May 1 is the earliest I can apply. My understanding is the first step is applying snd getting the Red/White/Blue Medicare Card. Come August, I’m looking at quite a raise using Medicare v. my current...
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    Ford Production

    I read today that Ford says it’s production will be 50% lower in Q2 due to chip shortages. Looks like cars and trucks will be in short supply and at higher prices. And the beat goes on. MoKelly
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    Honey Locust Tree

    We have several of these bad boys on the property. Slowly they are dying. They are roughly 25-30 feet tall. These trees are dangerous to people and rubber tires. Apparently, people know to avoid them but tires aren’t so smart.[emoji11] Recently, a dead one fell over and had to be cleaned up. It...
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    Stupid Things I Have Done

    So, yesterday was very nice. Cool but sunny. A perfect day to cut up a tree that fell due to a storm. It’s a fairly big tree. Sorry I forgot to take pictures (stupid thing #1). Me and my 2 sons. We are about 50% done and one son gets his chain stuck. Messes up the chain getting it free...
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    Wall Timer Light Not Working

    I’m praying for some simple answer. I have a wall light timer switch to control 2 sets of outside porch lights. Isn’t working. It’s an Intermatic. It’s: - single pole. - in manual mode - new battery - unit only 6 months old. Worked for sure a week ago - outside bulbs still work in different...
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    2020 Taxes!

    Good news. 2020 tax payments are delayed from April 15 to May 17. I assume this also means Q1 2021 estimated taxes are delayed. MoKelly
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    I couldn’t get back on TBN using the app. iPhone. My password kept getting rejected. I deleted the app and reinstalled and it accepted my password. Yea! MoKelly
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    Bobcat Zero Turn Mowers

    I just saw Bobcat is selling zero turn mowers. Anyone experienced one of these? Opinions? MoKelly
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    Furnace Limit Switch

    So, this morning I wake up and it is -1 F outside. Also, no internet. Also, cold inside. Check thermostat and it’s 61 degrees. Set at 70 degrees. Great. Heater guy shows up and checks furnace. Says the Limit Switch tripped. It’s a safety switch that stops the heater if the heat inside the...
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    Garage Door Opener Repair

    In the scheme of things, I realize this is very very very minor for TBN projects. But, maybe it can help someone. My son’s garage door opener wasn’t working right. It would open about half way then go back down. It was unreliable. Looking at the unit it was clear the gear on top of the unit...
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    Gravely PTO Stopped

    Just an FYI post. Last week, I was happily mowing with the Gravely zero turn minding my own business when the PTO just stopped. The engine was running and all was good except the PTO stopped. Went to the barn to investigate. Mower stopped and started good. But, the PTO would not engage. Took...
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    Bad Boy Mower Hydro Belt Tension Spring

    The hydro belt tension spring on my Bad Boy Outlaw mower broke last night. Left me stranded in the back. My question is whether anyone has any experience replacing this spring? Is it easy or hard to replace? Do I need any special tools. I can take the tractor out and lift/block the back of th...
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    I want to try to build a pergula in the back yard area of my house. I have never done anything like this myself but see what the folks on here can do so I want to try to do it myself. It's not like we will live in it so I figure what the heck ... lets give it a try. I have my 16 year old son...
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    I have a Bobcat CT235. Yesterday, I went to do some mowing and turned on the key, got the dash lights (although faint), waited for the glow plug light to go out and turned the key. I got a faint click, click, click sound. I have heard that before. So, I get the starter, hook it up and wait a...
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    Honda CBR500r

    I know we have a few motorcycle riders on the forum with good insight. I have a question. My son (18) has been riding an older Yamaha Virago 535 since he was 16. He has shown me that he can ride safely. I have only ridden cruiser style bikes my whole life. He has his heart set on a sports...
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    World Wealth

    I just read that the combined wealth of the world's 85 richest people equals the combined wealth of the entire bottom half of the world - or 3.5 BILLION people. 85 people have as much wealth as 3.5 BILLION people. Interesting statistic. Not commenting on anything other than the statistic...
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    Big Saturday In Missouri

    Tomorrow is a huge day in Missouri: - Cardinals play game 3 of the World Series in St. Louis looking to go up 2-1 in the Series. - Mizzou plays South Carolina in Columbia - a win would essentially wrap-up the SEC East for the Tigers. Think about that for a second ... Mizzou can win the SEC...
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    CT235 Sway Bar Nut Size

    I lost the nut that attaches the mower to the 3 point sway bar. Does anyone know the size of that nut? Thanks. MoKelly
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    Idler Pulley

    Well, over the weekend, one of the idler pulleys on my Gravely zero turn mower (23 hp, 48 inch cut) went bad. The belt is still on and the mower still works fine --- but the pulley is definitely broke and needs replacing. I have found the part online and have it ordered. It looks like a...
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    Bobcat 5 foot finish mower help

    I don't have any pictures ... sorry. I have a Bobcat brand 5 foot finish mower I use with my CT235. It has worked perfectly for approx. 100 hours. Yesterday, I noticed a problem where the right front swivel wheel will jam against the mower body when the wheel swivels toward the mower. This...
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    Bad Gas

    I had an experience this weekend. I have 2 trimmers ... exactly the same make/model. I was trimming and the thing just stopped. Tried starting and something was wrong ... it just wouldn't run properly. So, I went and got the other trimmer. SAfter a few minutes ... exact same issues as the other...
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    Weekend Questions

    I have a CT235 with 105 hours. This weekend, I had 2 items I need some advise: --- When first starting the tractor on both Sat. and Sunday, the glow plug light did not come on. It was HOT outside (say 95 degrees). Do glow plugs not automatically come on when th etemperature is over a certain...
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    Opinions On Ferris Zero Turn

    I have done lots of comparisons on a new zero turn mower for about a month. I will mow roughly 10 acres every 2 weeks on average (little more often in Spring little less in Summer). It is my property and I won't be doing any other work. Rightly or wrongly, I have decided on a commercial unit...
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    Briggs ELS Engine

    I am seriously looking at a Scag Freedom Z mower ... 52'' cut. The one on the lot (2009) has a Briggs ELS motor (26 hp). Does anyone have experience with this motor? Comments ... good and not-so-good? Thanks. MoKelly
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    Drill Start Mower

    Tell me if I am crazy but I want to begin starting my pull behind mower with a drill. I have had lots of problems with the pull start ... from broken ropes, broken springs, broken pawls, etc., etc., etc. It just isn't working properly. Here is my problem. The engine is a Briggs 12.5 HP on an...
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    Small leak from Hydraulic filter

    I performed the 50 hour hydraulic fluid change on Monday on my CT235. I went slow and steady and everything went well ... got the filters off and didn't make too big of a mess. Nicked my head on the right step once but only drew a little blood. I put the filters on (made sure the rubber ring...
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    When Your Wife Has The Answer

    I hate when this happens. I have a CT235 I use primarily for mowing, hogging, mowing and hogging. I clean the radiator screen evey time. It is lots of fun. Last Sunday, I was mowing and then put the FEL on for some rock moving (for my wife's project). At the end of the day, I went to clean the...
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    Hello to all: I have a Bobcat CT235. I received in Sept. and have about 25 hours. It has been great so far. But - A few days ago, the tractor wouldn't start ... sounded like a dead battery. I just got that horrible "clicking" noise and the engine didn't turn over. I jumped the tractor and it...