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    Bahia grass wears out mower blades

    That wear is (extreme but) typical for blades used in sandy, Florida, soil. I have had to change and/or discard a set every 3 months.
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    Love Letters. Real Estate

    Won't work for me, doesn't work for wifie.
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    Well Pump Electrical Problem

    Ah me. This is a perfect example of a consumer trusting too much, too far, and too often. Once the house is done and occupied why do people believe the builder is still concerned. What _should_ have transpired is that with the deed and title of the property the owners gets a complete (and...
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    Does your 3 point post hole digger dig down 3 feet straight?

    3 point hitches have that peculiarity. They will not move vertically AND plumb without help. If they were "4 point" (ie a trapezoid) then you could expect the verticals to be, well, vertical.
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    Any value in this...

    Looks like a Rake of some sort Unless you want a hobby of restoring old stuff I'd pass it on. Maybe to a scrap metal dealer.
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    Tropical Storm Warnings Up -- LA, MS, AL

    I was considering a late August visit to New Orleans. Was. Maybe I'll reconsider.
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    Replace or extend slab around water well?

    34Willys I like your pump house! Ours is a 12x12 roofed corral made of 1x6 ranch boards and was done with fence paint. Ugly and dark inside. If I redo it, not in the budget just now, I'll use your doghouse idea. Also we need to run electric out to wife's horse stalls so probably will install a...
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    Battery powered hedge trimmers

    I picked up a Kobalt 40v string trimmer and then a hedge trimmer during a sale. They work well for wifie. I've got a gas powered Husqvarna string trimmer for heavy stuff.
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    Replace or extend slab around water well?

    I think it may be that your local authority _ might_ have an opinion on the slab around the well casing. But only to insure that nothing can sleep down along the outside of the casing to the water layer you're tapped into. We're it me I'd form and pour a large enough slab to build your well...
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    Thank you. I did not know that Kohoutek was a Czech word. (My paternal family line is Czech in origin).
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    You know those property line marker stones that have been mentioned a few times?

    You don't have to look farther than the Atlantic Coast states - the location of the "Ellicott Rock", GA/NC, makes for interesting reading.
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    Raising an extension ladder

    We needed to take out a large front yard tree and rental 3 sections of scaffolding. Worked the trick! So that's what I'd do for any high work. I just can't bring myself to trust extension ladders.
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    It's official, homes are like ammo

    9 acres. Even better.
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    It's official, homes are like ammo

    200k for home on 6 acres? Sounds like a steal to me.
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    I divorce you xplornet

    Thanks! I see At&T is claiming _nobody_ needs fiber-to-home. (Makes me want to tell them where they can put their O-pee- noon!)
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    Wondering what to do with this land

    Bingo! BlackBerry winery. Make a good product, put a fancy name on it and they'll be queued up at your door.
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    I divorce you xplornet

    Hmm Starlink's speeds are up and down? Can you elaborate on that?
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    Tube gate wheels.

    I'm puzzled by the wheels I see for tube gates. The spring, at least in the version I'm looking at, is captured by a u shaped bracket. But shouldn't the spring be anchored to the vertical axle (that is affixed to the wheel)? So that the wheel stays in contact with the uneven ground while the...
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    Cell Phone & WeBoost

    We have so-so cell signal. The reviews on Amazon for boosters mention that the boosted signal is good if you're right on top of the indoor repeater and drop off dramaticly as you move away. WTF!!? I was thinking about getting a booster, not I'm not so sure. Can anybody accurately describe what...
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    Mine and Not Yours.

    Maybe I'm off base, give me your considered "country living" opinion. Basic facts - we moved in 2 weeks ago, smallish place - 3 acres fully fenced We need a horse barn for wife's minis but had to remove trees to erect it. While watching the tree crew at work wife calls my attention to a guy...
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    Field fencing corners.

    We had a local fencing company redo a large dog-run/paddock with woven wire and top rail. The horizontal brace posts follow the ground contour where they approach the house walls. It looks odd. I'm thinking - could I pull out the pegs that pin the braces to the line posts and redrill/insert them...
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    Good morning!!!!

    A shot of our east living room ... i.e. a work in progress. My next big effort includes 2 items - a network guru is coming by to assess the house and maybe get the cabling working. A secondly you're looking at it - 21 boxes in the lower left corner of the frame need to go into those IKEA library...
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    Yanmar 1510d manual

    I have a manual for a 1510D that I no longer need. Anyone interested? You pay postage from Marion County, north-central, Florida.
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    4-way brass hose splitter, repairable?

    I have three 4-way brass hose adapters and one appears to be leaking thru one of the 4 outlet ball valves. Are they repairable?
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    Lawn and Garden tractors height adjustment.

    So far as I can see L&G tractors (and I pursume, ride-ons?) are notorious for the inaccuracy of the cut adjustment. Is there a solution? So far it seems like the only _practical_ fix is different tires front and back. I've also looked at blocks to raise the frame relative to the wheels. That...
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    Lawn Sweeper

    Wifie would like to get a tow behind Lawn Sweeper. Anybody have experience with the Northern Tool Ohio Steel Sweepers?
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    Stick rake from Australia

    There's a company named Currie Engineering that sells a Stick Rake that I'd like to have. However they're in Australia! Anybody know of a a US dealer? Or have one of these rakes?
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    Cub Cadet XT3 GSX

    Looking for comments pro and con on this as I believe I'm going to pull the trigger on one. Really would like to have a Kubota BX but for our 1.5 acres with cross fencing even the smallest one would be overkill I'm thinking. And while one in a (great) while a front bucket and a box blade could...
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    AC unit theft

    While we were away some "kind" soul helped themselves to the AC unit on our doublewide. SOBs Had the sheriff out, they took fingerprints and some evidence then we filed a claim with the insurance. When we get a new unit I want some security for it. I've seen ads for a thing called...
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    Craftsman Garden Tractor Steering

    The Craftsman Garden Tractor we have must be close to 20 years old. I forget the model but it has a Kohler (Command?) twin with Hydrostat and a 46 inch deck. For various reasons we'd like to baby this beast along till next year. The biggest problem with it is the steering linkage, something...
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    Yanmar 1510D Seat Post

    I'm replacing the "pan" seat on my wife's 1510D. The new seat (from Hoye) will fit better after I finish a little work on the seat post. A picture is attached. Can anyone tell me what was attached to the base where the arrow is pointing? I have removed the two 6 mm x 1.00 hex screws that...
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    3 point shield

    Our 1510D is a 2 point to 3 point conversion and has a set of long stud surronding the PTO output shaft. How much trouble is it to to get those studs out? I'd like to fab. a 3 point shield & replace the studs with short hex bolts. TIA cvt
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    Rake A different Rake

    We were in Ocala (Florida) this week & stopped at Warren Auctions. They had a 3-point rake that is fifferent from those I have seen before. Up to now the Rakes I've seen advertised have curved teeth made of flattened bar stock. The rakes I saw at Warren's had tines made of rod stock, they...
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    What is it?

    Anybody know what this might be? My wife spotted it mowing and we can't figure out what it might have been. It appears to pivot on an axle of some sort through the center hole. The one "horn" (right in the picture) has a rusted screw in it. The other horn has a hole in the same spot and the...
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    Hydraulic Fluid Disposal

    Hydraulic Fluid Disposal I need to drain & refill our tractor tranny. Can the old oil be added to the used oil tanks at AutoZone, etc.? TIA cvt
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    Cat. 1 PTO output shaft profile.

    IIs there a significant difference between the profile cut on a Kubota tractor PTO output stub-shaft and others? I have a Walterscheid PTO shaft that will fit on and release from a brand new Kubota tractor but will fit but NOT release when I use it on our Yanmar. Perhaps I've misunderstood but...
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    Help identify a PTO shaft

    Elsewhere you may have seen my postings about a jammed PTO "Push-Pull" Quick Disconnect. So far I have not made any progress getting it loose, off or replaced. Partially because I can seem to find parts. I'm wondering if the problem might be that I have not identified the PTO Shaft properly...
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    Driveshaft Quick Release

    This month we finally hooked-up the Finishing Deck that we bought to use with our YM 1510D. It’s a BEFCO Cyclone & works fine, however hooking it up was another matter. The driveshaft (which is apparently a WALTERSCHEID unit by the instruction booklet) has a "Push-Pull Lock" Quick Release...
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    Fitting Gauges

    I've got a (Sunpro) gauges set that I want to add to our 1510D. There have been several discussions about adding gagues but beore I start I'd like to have one piece of info that I didnot see explained - how the dashbaord is attached to the cowling shhet metal. The Parts Manual that I have...
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    Rake 3-pt Rakes

    All the 3 - pt rakes I've seen lately (including the one I bought) have teeth made of flat bar stock bent into a 3/4 circle. Yet I think I once saw one being used that had teeth that resembled the tines of a hay fork - they were rods with blunt points bent into a 3/4 circle. Does anyone make...
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    Side Link Repair

    I noticed that the ball socket on the left side link on our tractor is much looser than the ball socket on the right side link. I will probably buy a replacement link but I saw that Agri Supply has ball sockets & replacement balls listed in their catalogue & I think I've also seen them in the...
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    Yanmar YM1510D

    We bought a YM1510D this week. While I'm waiting for the manuals to arrive could somebody answer a couple of questions for me concerning the dashboard? The idiot lights are for what functions? Is that really a Horn button I see? It has what I take to be a horn decal but the button doesn't...