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    Pancreatic Cancer

    Anyone dealt with it? My sister just diagnosed with it. They've done additional scans and don't see cancer anywhere else. Treatment plan is 3 months chemo, Whipple procedure, then possible 3 more months of chemo. Not going to lie, i'm very worried about her. First chemo treatment started...
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    Processing maple tree

    Just started processing some maple i had taken down, next to the house. Big leaf maple, about 110' too close to the house and as it turned out, one of the larger limbs was half rotted on the back side. I'm not too familiar with maple and was a little surprised it split as easy as it did, even...
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    My buddy(dog) is passing away

    My buddy Sal, short for Salvador, is passing away. Keeping him comfortable as possible. I'm so distraught i have no words. :weepy: I hope he passes soon to be on to a better place. I take him and Max for a walk, everyday. Sal and Max more than a few years ago, winter.
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    A Catastrophe of sorts.

    Popped the end off of a hydraulic line.Thank goodness i had supervision. It was a short hose. In the first picture, you can see the plastic bag, where one end goes, and then the bottom of the ram, where I have my bleeder hose attached to the bottom connection. The second picture is self...
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    Blew Hydraulic hose on FEL, instant drop.

    Just a reminder for all of us. Finished up with the rough-cut mower. Took tractor it into the shop for lubeing and inspection. My rough-cut mounts on my FEL so i can raise it a ways up in the air if i want and i had it up in the air to inspect the underside. Just as i was reaching in to prop...
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    Faster network between remote TV tuner and house network.

    Currently, i have a TV antenna and 2 tuner HDHomerun sitting about 100 feet away. I've connected them to house network where they are used on a nvidia shield into tv, using WiFi extender, setup like a bridge. House side of the WiFi bridge ethernet, connects to 1 Gb switch and the rest of the...
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    422 need to tow out of woods

    Hi all, I need to tow my 422 a short distance and my documentation does not match the pump well enough for me to be sure what to loosen. I'll include a couple picts here. Maybe the red arrow indicates something to loosen up? :) Thanks in advanced!
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    Another of the Greatest Generation has passed

    I just want to tell those of us from the United States, that, today, we have lost another of those from the Greatest Generation. My Father, WWII Army Air Corp. bomber pilot, veterinarian and father. Even though I know he is in a better place, the sun will shine a little less brightly without...
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    Tropf Blumat, has anybody used them?

    Last year, i picked up a small Topf Blumat kit from Costco. It included some hoses and "sensors". After following the instructions, you planted the sensor into the ground and as the ground started to dry, it would allow water to drip onto the ground, next to your plant until the ground...
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    PT422 Muffler Mod

    This is a pict. of the "finished" product. My nephew was appalled at the racket the pt made when running so he decided to do something about it. Parts are some pieces of motorcycle exhaust pipe, some stainless pipe from milking machine and a used up fire extinguisher that he cut apart to add...
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    Wood stove, spark arrestor screen seem plug quickly

    I've had my stove for a number years now and this year it seems like the spark arrestor screen fouled with soot pretty quickly. It was real powdery and i was able to just knock the soot off pretty easily, but im wondering what could be the problem. This summer, i cleaned the chimney and the...
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    Grafted Tomato Plants experience

    Was reading about tomato plants that are grafted and was wondering if anybody has any experience and are they worth the extra cost. I guess they're much more popular in Europe and Asia then over here in the Western Hemisphere.
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    Got a Receipe for fermented pickels or green tomatoes?

    We have a bunch of green tomatoes and was talking to a Romanian friend the other day about she used to do with them at home. She mentioned a receipt that sounded like fermented, instead of pickled tomatoes. I kinda remember back in the good old days, there wasn't much vinegar for pickling so...
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    When to split Oak

    Got some newly cut oak from a friend. Living in PNW one rarely cuts or burns anything but pine or fir so this oak is a novelty to me. I've been bucking it up and it seems to cut ok while green but im wondering about when it is drier. There are a bunch of smaller pieces i wont need to split...
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    stihl 025 stopped oiling.

    I was cutting a few weeks ago and the chain/bar sounded wrong. Stopped the saw and noticed the chain and bar looked drier then it should. Pulled the bar off to clean stuff up. Started saw with out bar on, revved it a bit and no oil. I pulled the clutch and the worm gear was messed up where...
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    422 quit

    I was mowing grass in between cutting some trees for firewood and my pt just quit. Abruptly. I tried to start it and it burped a little. Then i removed the fuel line at the carb and fuel poured out so im thinking probably fuel at least to the carburetor. So i walked back to my shop and...
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    How to see date of a post

    How do you see when a post was done? I've seen where somebody will post a reply to a pretty old post and im sure ive done the same. TIA
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    this work for hydro filter on 422/425?

    Buyers Return Line Filter — 20 GPM Capacity |Hydraulic Accessories | Northern Tool + Equipment Return line filter assembly with 3/4in. NPT ports with bypass for cold start protection. Includes 10 micron filter for optimum system cleanliness. This filter is typically located in the return line...