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  1. thebmrust

    After glyphosate - till or burn

    Prepping for reseeding of pasture grass. I applied a 3% mix of Gordons Big-n-Tuf 41% glyphosate to my 1 acre pasture. Appx 15gal of water/gly mix to the acre. It has been just over 48 hours and it looks like I have a 95% success rate. There are a few weeds that seem to be alive, so I might spot...
  2. thebmrust

    Dealer How often did you use the dealer after purchase

    I have seen several mention the importance of a good dealer when buying a tractor. How many of you used the dealer frequently (or how frequently did you use them) after your purchase? In our area, we have several dealers with several different brand options. But there are some brands where the...
  3. thebmrust

    Tri Cities WA loggin in

    Well... I made it. Haven稚 been on a forum, facebook or much of anything in a few years. No tractor, but looking. Cheers! ~Brent