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    3510i no electrical power

    My 05 or 06 3510i has no electrical power to anything. No lights on the dash, horn,lights, etc. Nothing. It started out as an intermittent problem that would resolve if I moved (jiggled) the large, white multi wire connector on the left side near the fuse panel under the hood. It would happen...
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    Branson 3510i PTO won稚 engage

    My 05 or 06 3510i PTO won稚 engage. It worked OK yesterday, and simply won稚 engage today. I致e somehow lost the cover for the fuse panel (thatç—´ in another thread), so I checked all of the fuses. Theyæ±*e all good. My experience with solenoid coils is that they usually start giving trouble...
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    Branson 3510i fuse panel

    I have an 05 or 06 Branson 3510i and I致e lost the cover to the fuse panel. The inside of the cover indicated which fuse powered what, and I need that diagram. Can anyone direct me to where to find that diagram or maybe take a picture of theirs and post it? Thanks!
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    3 Point Hitch Leakdown

    My Branson 3510i hitch has had a hiccup (bounce under load) for some time, but this weekend it became a major issue. If the hitch is raised and under load, it will hold fine when the tractor is running, but when I shut it off it will leak all the way down in about 10 seconds - even if I close...
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    3-Point Hitch More than a hiccup

    My Branson 3510ii has had a hiccup (bounce) in the 3 point hitch for quite some time, but today it became a major issue. I seem to have lost some of my hydraulic power, and if I have the hitch under load and use the loader, the hitch drops slowly. As soon as I stop using the loader, the hitch...
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    Branson 3510i starter quits working when hot

    My 3510i starter works fine when my Tractor is cool, but after it heats up it acts like the clutch/starter safety switch is almost but not quite engaged. The starter seems to kind of sputter. It might start, and it might not. Any thoughts/solutions?
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    Bush Hog SQ600 Blade Replacement

    Has anyone used blades other than #36's on this mower? It calls for a flat blade, and I'd like to add some lift. Would a 7555 blade work? And what advantages or disadvantages does anyone see with adding lift?
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    Tires Replacing front tires

    I have a 3510i, and it's time for new front tires. I'm looking for traction and durability. Anybody got some real world experience with what type and brand works well for ag purposes? And a decent place to buy? I'm about 30 miles north of Atlanta. Thanks!
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    I'm Done With Branson

    I'm done with Branson. My tractor is going up for sale, and I'll never recommend them to anyone again. I love my tractor, but Branson has the most screwed up system for servicing their customers that I've ever seen. My 2 closest dealers couldn't supply me with a hydraulic filter without...
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    Branson 3510i Grill

    Unfortunately, I busted up the grill on my Branson 3510, and Branson wants an obscene price to replace it. Does any one know of a "Branson Graveyard" or perhaps have a grill to fit mine? I can probably Frankenstein mine back together, buy it'll look like crap and my not be too strong. Help!
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    Hydraulic filter for 3510i

    Like most folks, I'm having trouble finding parts. The dealers that were nearby (kinda) have closed and been replaced by trailer companies selling a few tractors. They carry NO parts for my tractor. I really need a hydraulic filter, but hate to order one, wait, and pay shipping. I read about...
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    SQ600 -Can I run heavier blades?

    I just found and bought a pair of bush hog blades on CL. They are identical to the blades on my cutter with one exception - they're 1" wider. Mine has 3" wide blades, these are 4" wide. That means an extra 1" wide x 24&3/4" long by 1/2" thick piece of steel per blade. Is the extra weight gonna...
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    Branson 3510 Glow Plugs

    I have a Branson 3510i with the Kujke AN1700N2 engine, and all 3 glow plugs test bad. The Branson # for the plugs is HK15170000A4, and the dealer price is obscene for this little plug. Does anyone have a cross reference for any other brand of glow plug? I read in another post that a Cummins...
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    3510I Won't Start When Cold

    My Branson 3510 is a real bear to start in cold (30's and below) weather. I cycle the glow plugs several times and have tried several throttle positions to no avail. I've even tried a magnetic block heater on the oil pan when I'm close enough to power. It'll crank eventually, but that has to...
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    3510i Transmission Screen

    Branson 3510i hydraulic fluid screen - where is it? I bought a used 3510 and the seller told me it recently had it's 300 hr. service by the dealer. However, the hydraulics have been acting up a little - bouncing implements when the 3 pt. is up, bucket sometimes won't pick up the front end. I'm...
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    Rear hydraulics

    I just bought a Branson 3510 w/FEL and other implements, but it has no rear hydraulics. Has anyone added a rear wet hookup? I'm an above average wrench turner, so that's no problem.