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    Flail Mowers -- Nova Tractor Experience?

    I have the MFZ175. It's been a great mower and Novatractor (@Jack Yuan) has been great with support when I've had issues.
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    Flail Mower My Novatractor flail in action

    I was finally able to get out and start the first cut of the season. Sorry for the shaky video but I was a little focused on not dropping my phone. I plan on getting some more video with my go pro soon. Novatractor Flail MFZ175 on Mahindra 3550 - YouTube Cutting grass with Novatractor MFZ175...
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    Pole Barn Loft Column Question

    I just put 2 lofts in my pole barn. I have a concrete floor. Each loft is 20x10. I’m thinking of putting another loft to span between the 2 or maybe just a walkway so I would only have to put 1 set of stairs up.
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    Seeding a new pasture

    We're about ready to seed our new 9 acre pasture. I'm looking for recommendations for what seed to put down. We may eventually have some goats and cows one day but our focus right now is to just get something on the ground to keep fight mud and erosion. Any suggestions on grass type? We're...
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    Flail Mower Novatractor Flail Mower

    They are hammer style blade with some serration to help with the cutting.
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    Flail Mower Novatractor Flail Mower

    I ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived today. I got the MFZ175. Plan on trying it out tomorrow.
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    Backhoe Bradco backhoe buckets

    I’m looking to buy a 12” bucket for my backhoe. I have a Mahindra 75B (Bradco 509B). Are buckets universal like SSQA?
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    30x50 Pole Barn

    Pole barn "kit" arrives Took a few weeks to get the poles in the ground because of rain. The crew that's building it only builds on Saturdays. The concrete is a 5k PSI mix. It was supposed to a 4" slab but because of reasons, it averages about 6". Steel trusses going up. Roof metal...
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    3550 transmission issue

    The range lever on my 3550 HST seems to have come "unattached" from the transmission. It went from working to not working while driving around yesterday. It's stuck in medium range. I can't tell if it's not turning the shaft in the transmission or if it's just come loose from the...
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    Hydraulic Multipliers

    Does anyone have any experience using a hydraulic multiplier? Summit Hydraulics makes the kit I've been looking at. I'm looking at using it 2 add a 2nd function to the rear for top and tilt.
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    Mahindra 3560 w 75B BH (3550 vs MX5800)

    I've read of people still finding 3550s with 75B backhoes on it. I think the right dealer may do the leg work to get it done for you. Mine certainly had to do some calling around to find all the mounting kit parts for it. I got a 3rd function kit from Everything Attachments. I did not order...
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    Dump Trailer question

    I'm in need of a trailer to tow my tractor. I've also been looking at dump trailers for use on my farm. Does anyone know if it's viable to use a dump trailer to also transport a tractor?
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    Cellular Game Camera suggestions

    I need some suggestions to what brand of cellular game cam I should look for. I need a camera that will text/email me when it takes a picture.
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    Loader problem

    I had a hydraulic leak over the weekend that I lost a significant about of oil (replaced about 6 gallons). After letting it sit for a while (before adding fluid) I noticed the loader was extremely slow so I shut it down. I didn't use it again until I put more oil in. Now the loader up/down...
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    Hot wire help

    I got my WR Long 3rd function kit mostly installed today. Only piece left is to permanently connect the hot wire for power. Problem is I don't know where to start looking for a hot wire short of the battery. Anyone have any suggestions? I have a Mahindra 3550.
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    Buying service manuals

    How much do service manuals usually run from the dealer? My 3550 will be delivered this week and was going to talk to the dealer tomorrow about getting the manual but wanted an idea of typical prices. Thanks
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    Box Scraper Standard Duty vs Heavy Duty

    I'm going to be purchasing a Mahindra 3550 in the next couple of weeks. I'm looking at purchasing a box blade for normal box blade activities (drive way maintenance, grading, etc.). I'm curious as to which version, standard or heavy duty, I should be looking at. What are the deciding factors...
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    Mahindra 75B Backhoe Thumb

    I'm looking for an after market mechanical thumb for the 75B backhoe. The dealer version seems way over priced for a mechanical backhoe. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Tractor Sizing Lookin' For New tractor 36 Acres (Open to Suggestion)

    Mahindra 3550 would be perfect for you. I have about 35 acres that I'll be doing the same thing will be and this tractor is my choice.
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    65B vs 75B backhoe

    So I just learned today that Mahindra doesn't offer the 75B backhoe anymore replacing it with the 65B. I can't find any details or specs on the 65B to compare it to the 75B. Does anyone have any info on the 65B? I know they're all Bradco backhoes so which of the Bradco backhoes is the 65B vs...
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    Dealer Mahindra's New Years Resolution Sale

    Can anyone give any details on the current promotion? The website doesn't say much other than needing to bundle 3 attachments.
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    Auto Throttle

    Does Mahindra offer an auto throttle feature on their HST transmissions?
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    Comparison Mahindra 3550 vs Kubota MX5800

    I've been researching tractors for weeks and I think I've narrowed my selection to these 2 tractors. The Mahindra 3550 and the Kubota MX5800, both HST 4WD. I'm having a tough time deciding between these. I like them both... Someone give me some feedback please. Dealers: The Kubota dealer...
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    Comparison Kubota L4760-LS XR4150-Mahindra 3550

    Would these 3 models of tractor be considered comparable as far as "premium" features?