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    The best logs from last year, walnut of course sawmill video

    This is some of the best logs I sawed last year on my woodmizer, mostly walnut which is about all I saw now a days, WALNUT LOGS FULL OF GOLD, BEST OF 218 ON THE WOOD-MIZER SAWMILL - YouTube
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    Bucket with add on grapple,

    Getting ready to take delivery of a new Mahindra 4550, comes standard with the bucket. one of the main uses for this tractor is keep my woodmizer feed with logs. I am looking at getting a grapple, but I also saw where you can get a grapple added to the bucket. Anyone have any experience with...
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    4540 Temp Gauge ?

    I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a new 4540. I have read in the past few years that the Temp Gauge had a lot of issues and failed on lots of tractors (this model) around 2016 and 2015. Does anyone know if Mahindra got this issue fixed? I plan on having the dealer check mine in the shop...
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    sawed up some amazing crotch walnut last week (video)

    Last week I finally started sawing up my walnut log inventory. I have about 100 walnut logs ready to saw. This one turned out pretty well with some amazing crotch figure. It was a yard tree also, but luckily did not have any metal, I videoed the days sawing. Thought you guys would like to see...
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    Big White Oak on the Sawmill this week.

    I sawed up what I thought would be a low grade white oak this that turned out having some nice grain under the bark. THIS WHITE OAK LOG HAD A SURPRISE HIDDEN UNDER ITS BARK - YouTube
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    Maxed out the Log Rite ATV Arch,

    I get most of my logs for my sawmill from tree guys and land owners, I rarely have to buy logs for now. I got a call over the weekend from an arborist that took down a Black Walnut in a residential yard. This is where my ATV and Log arch really pay for themselves over and over again. However...
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    Wood-Mizer LT70 annual Georgia Sawing Project

    This video is from the 2018 Georgia sawing project I attended last weekend, the video shows the sawing of southern pine and some quarter sawing of sycamore, EPIC SAWMILL WEEKEND IN GEORGIA, WOOD-MIZER LT7 SAWING PINE AND SYCAMORE - YouTube
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    Sawmill Inspiration Video

    I made a video to answer a question that I was asked. How did you get into sawmilling? This video was my response to that question. I enjoyed making this short video I thought you guys would like to see it also. WHY I QUIT MY JOB TO RUN A SAWMILL- THIS IS MY STORY - YouTube
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    Live Edge Walnut Table with Rite Leg Base

    In the past I have been using Waterlox as my preferred finish for furniture. I recently was encouraged by some other woodworkers to use Rubio Monocoat. For those unfamiliar with this product: It has almost no VOC present, only one coat is needed and is cured in 48 hours and ready to be used...
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    Using my Log Arch to load logs

    I finally got to use my new fetching arch for loading logs on my trailer. It did a pretty good job with my portable winch at loading this 12 foot poplar log. URBAN LOGGING, HOW TO HARVEST TIMBER WITHOUT BIG EXPENSIVE MACHINERY - YouTube
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    After years of kicking around the purchase I finally got a portable winch. Sometimes when I am give free logs the home owner doesn't want heavy equipment drove in their lawn. That is when my ATV and Log Arch really come in handy. And now with this new winch loading the logs is easier. Thought...
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    Finally Back on the Wood-Mizer,

    We have been hammered with heavy rain this month in TN. I was finally able to get back on the sawmill yesterday. It also gave me a chance to try out my new drones and cameras. Thought you guys would like the footage. THE RAIN IS OVER! FINALLY BACK TO SAW-MILLING, - YouTube
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    My Newest Fav Tool, Festool Ras Sander

    This tool might be interesting to some of you. It is a orbital sander that acts like a grinder pretty much. I am using it at my sawmill to clean up slabs after drying. Thought I would share. IF YOU OWN A SAWMILL YOU NEED TO CHECK THIS OUT! SAWMILL BUSINESS - YouTube
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    Woodmizer VS Big White Oak

    Sawed up a good size white oak this week on the woodmizer. Made for a good day of sawing and also gave me a chance to get some drone footage of the sawmill in action. THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD, RUNNING A SAWMILL - YouTube
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    Finally I have started to put siding on my Lumber Kiln

    I completed my wood drying kiln last summer and I have finally got around to putting up the board and batten siding. I am doing a few videos to document the process. I am using Red Oak 1x6 for the boards and small cheap store bought pine 1x2 for the battens. THE BEST SIDING FOR YOUR BARN,CABIN...
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    New Tool for my sawmill

    I got a new log arch for my sawmill operation last week. Posted a short video showing it and how I am going to use it in an upcoming small logging job. IF YOU HARVEST TIMBER YOU NEED THIS TOOL, NEW EQUIPMENT FOR THE SAWMILL - YouTube
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    More Black Walnut Harvesting in Tennessee

    I am still working on the local farm I get my timber from, and harvested another nice Black Walnut log to end the week. This video is kind of a vlog format video. The tree being cut it toward the end. MAKING EVERY TREE COUNT - YouTube
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    More Walnut Timber on the ground

    I have found some more nice walnut timber on the farm I get my logs from, Made a short video of the days work, CONTENT IN THE WOODS - YouTube
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    Using the Woodmizer on the farm

    I spent yesterday fighting off the snow and the high wind conditions but was able to capture some video of me sawing up some nice white oak on the farm. This wood will be used for Fence Rails for the cattle. SAWING FOR THE FARM - YouTube
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    Sharpening my Tools

    Made a short video on how I sharpen my handplanes. Hope this helps others that are trying to achieve a sharp edge! WOODWORKING,SHARPEN YOUR TOOLS - YouTube
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    woodworking with an axe

    Short video I made on how I always try to use my axe and other hand tools when building furniture. BY HAND AND GRIT PART 3, WOODWORKING WITH AN AXE - YouTube
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    Finally found an accurate easy method to sharpen my saw

    After years of mixed results I was introduced to the Stihl 2 and 1 Chainsaw sharpener. After the first use my dull chain now cuts with factory sharp accuracy. Made a short video showing the tool. Hope this helps some of you that struggle with sharpening your saws. WRANGLERSTAR SHARPENING METHOD...
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    How I built my Lumber Kiln

    This is a video that shows the entire process on how I built my lumber kiln for my Wood-Mizer dry kiln. HOW TO BUILD A LUMBER KILN (THE COMPLETE BUILD) - YouTube
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    More Walnut on the Wood-Mizer

    The last sawmill video I may make for a while. headed out for vacation for a few weeks, I finished up the day with sawing into another amazing black walnut log, THE KING OF HARDWOODS ON THE WOOD-MIZER - YouTube
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    Quarter Sawn Walnut on my Woodmizer

    I did some quarter sawing this week on some nice black walnut, I usually quarter oak but I thought I would try some walnut, It turned out pretty good I thought, QUARTER SAWN WALNUT ON THE WOOD-MIZER - YouTube
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    Cutting Cedar Trees for my Sawmill

    Harvesting Cedar Timber for my sawmill with an intro provided by Paul Harvey. Cut these trees in the mountains of SW Virginia. HARVESTING CEDAR FOR THE WOOD-MIZER - YouTube
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    Sawing Creek Bank Walnut on my Wood-Mizer

    I sawed up a real nice walnut tree this week. I got this timber from a creek bank on a local farm. Made for some amazing grain. Thought you guys would like to see the days sawing. CREEK BANK WALNUT ON THE WOOD-MIZER - YouTube
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    Best Log Ever on my Sawmill

    I sawed up the best Walnut log that I have gotten my hands on to date. Been sawing for 7 years and this walnut log yielded the best figured live edge slabs that I have ever sawed on the mizer. BEST LOG EVER ON THE WOOD-MIZER! - YouTube
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    Sawmilling in Tennessee

    I was asked how I got into sawmilling, I responded with a video SAWMILLING IN TENNESSEE - YouTube
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    Doors for my lumber kiln

    This is part 7 of my series on building my lumber kiln, This one covers the door construction. BUILDING A KILN PART 7, DOOR CONSTRUCTION - YouTube
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    Putting vents in my lumber kiln

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    Part 5 of building my lumber kiln

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    More Free Timber.

    More Free timber this weekend. Got several Cherry and Hickory logs yesterday. Land owner only requested I leave the stumps high so they could push them over with excavator. Not a bad day working in the summer TN Heat! Was around 95 yesterday. LOGGING FOR TIMBER FRAMING COMPONENTS - YouTube
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    More Free Timber.

    More Free timber this weekend. Got several Cherry and Hickory logs yesterday. Land owner only requested I leave the stumps high so they could push them over with excavator. Not a bad day working in the summer TN Heat! Was around 95 yesterday. LOGGING FOR TIMBER FRAMING COMPONENTS - YouTube
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    Building my Lumber Kiln Part 4

    Just posted my Part 4 video of building a kiln for wood drying. Take a look if you have time, This video shows the construction of the chamber.
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    Uprooting four trees at same time

    I went to a fellow sawyer's logging site in Virginia yesterday to look at some white oak. I was able to capture him and his crew take down a white oak tree that got hung up on four others. They took the skidder and pulled it down which caused the tree to uproot all of the trees it was leaning...
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    Logging Walnut

    I spent my July 4 starting a small logging job on some walnut, The land owner needed them removed for a new house build. They only requirement was that i leave the stumps high for the excavators to push out of the ground. Not an ideal way to harvest but I couldn't complain for free walnut. Made...
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    Book-Matched Maple on the Woodmizer

    Sawed up a real nice maple log over the holiday weekend. Turned out great with a lot of character, This was another log I got for free that was saved from the landfill.
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    Walnut and Cherry on the sawmill

    Sawed up an old walnut log that had been on the ground for 3 years. Got some good solid wood from it and also a small cherry log. SAWING WALNUT AND CHERRY ON THE WOOD-MIZER - YouTube
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    Sawed up the logs from previous video.

    I got one of the oak logs on the mill today that I split from a video I posted on here over the weekend. It yielded some great boards. QUARTER SAWN OAK ON THE WOOD-MIZER - YouTube
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    Logs too big for my sawmill

    The only gripe about woodmizer sawmills for me is the cutting capacity. I can only get a 36in diam log on my sawmill. When i get bigger logs like this one (46in) I have to split it. Made a short video showing the process. LOGS TOO BIG FOR THE SAWMILL - YouTube
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    Sawed up old red oak log on my sawmill

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    Harvesting Hemlock Timber with my four wheeler

    New Video up this evening, Harvesting some Hemlock Timber with my Log Rite ATV Arch. URBAN LOGGING, HARVESTING HEMLOCK - YouTube
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    Building a lumber kiln

    Part 3 in my series on how to build a kiln. This video shows how I constructed the floor. Take a look if you have time. BUILDING A KILN PART 3 (FLOOR CONSTRUCTION) - YouTube
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    How i buck trees into logs for my sawmill

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    Takkng down a small smokehouse

    New video up. Taking down a small smokehouse and visiting Carter fold and the grave site of country legend AP Carter. Take a look if you have time. A VIRGINIA SMOKEHOUSE TAKE DOWN - YouTube
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    Bobcat 753 Pedals Stuck

    A short history, My 753 had a previous owner and has around 2k hours on the machine. I only use it a few hours a week to move logs to my sawmill. Three weeks ago my foot pedals stopped working and appeared to be stuck. A few minutes later my drive belt sheared. After replacing my drive belt...
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    More urban logging

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    Building a Lumber Kiln

    This the first video in a series that I will be producing on how I build a chamber for my new Woodmizer Dry Kiln. For those whom are not familiar with the term it is a building used to dry lumber after I process it on my sawmill. This first video shows the delivery of the Kiln and I talk for a...
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    Sawing lumber with drones