1. BX22inMO

    BX22 Stuck in Turtle !!

    Can't find any other threads on this, but does anyone have any ideas to get the tranny out of Turtle?? I tried rocking, both gently and vigorously, but to no avail. I often run across town with it, and it's a fifteen minute trip in low. (yes, it's a small town.) Any ideas would be welcome...
  2. BX22inMO

    BX22 Seat Option

    I have been looking for a seat for my "ultimate garden tool", known to the public as a BX22D TLB. One of the dealers I use advertised a seat for about $150 then after I ordered it they notified me it wasn't available, but they had the $400 one in stock and would be happy to send it. Right, a...