kubota l3560

  1. Rock Crawler

    What is needed to add stereo to Grand L cab?

    I just picked up my L3560 Grand L cab unit yesterday and it has the speakers and the blank cover over the hole for the stereo. I would like to add a Pioneer head unit to it, and the question is what do I need to buy besides just the head unit? I assume that I need a wire harness kit to tie into...
  2. Rock Crawler

    Ooops... I did it again. B2650 T/L/B to L3560LE-HSTC T/L/B

    The right side axle bearing failed allowing the pinion to ring gear mesh to change and wipe a couple teeth from the ring/bull gear on the 2018 B2650. So while the dealer has it under warranty getting a newcomplete set of right side parts loaded, I decided to take trade value (always leans...