kubota lx2610

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    Buying new tractor - novice operator

    Hi, female here with a lot to learn, safety being priority. My husband passed away in December so I'm on my own with 20 acres (less than half of that needs mowing). I have a New Holland TC-30, manual/gears, purchased new around 2007. Attachments: FEL, Rotary cutter RZ 60 Bush Hog, Finishing...
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    B2601, LX2610SU, or ?

    It’s been too long since i’ve been on these forums. Last time I was on here I was complaining with other JD 2305 owners of the poor design of the transmission/PTO. So after yet another major drivetrain issue with my JD 2503, I’m going to send it to the salvage and get a sturdier tractor. We...