1. B

    Interchangeable (Part Compatibility) with Ford / John Deere / Kubota

    Does anyone know if any Ford 1710 tractor engine parts are interchangeable with a John Deere or even a Kubota, and if so what models of John Deere or Kubota tractor are compatible with a Ford 1710 . I know the tractor was made in Japan and I believe the John Deere was also. I was curious if that...
  2. B

    Interchangeable (Parts Compatibility) with Ford / John Deere / Kubota

    Does anyone know if any Ford 1710 tractor engine parts are interchangeable with a John Deere or even a Kubota, and if so what models of John Deere or Kubota tractor are compatible with a Ford 1710 . I know the tractor was made in Japan and I believe the John Deere was also. I was curious if that...
  3. EverythingAttachments

    EA COUPON thru July 4th!! #Merica

    We almost never have any discounts/coupons/sales, but heeeere we go! www.EverythingAttachments.com Travis
  4. D

    Package Deal $25,000: Kubota L3800DT with LA524 FEL, Shredder, Rake, and Trailer. Only 104 hours.

    Package Deal: 2012 Kubota L3800DT with LA524 Front End Loader, 5’ Land Pride RCR1860 shredder, 6’ Armstrong LR6 rake, and 18’ double-axle trailer. $25,000 takes all. Tractor is 4WD with gear shift (8 fwd., 4 reverse) and is in excellent condition, with only 104 hours on the clock. Equipment has...
  5. landruma

    Kubota M5-111 Engine lock up

    My 1,200 hour Kubota M5-111 engine locked-up while raking hay. Has anyone else had any engine issues with a new (3 year old) Kubota? Of course the warranty expired about 4 months back! Thanks in advance for your input. / Tony, Texas
  6. FrenchyRaoul

    Tracking down my Kubota Backhoe?

    Hello all, About a year ago, I ordered my first tractor; an MX6000 with several implements, including a backhoe. The tractor arrived a few months later, allowing me several months of playing with the machine in the Fall, before the snow arrived. I was told, due to supply chain issues, that it...
  7. jaymak

    L4740 HST 4WD with LA854 Loader, HD Bucket and BH92 Backhoe for sale. 145 hours!

    Kubota L4740HST 4WD w/ 145 hours and industrial tires 50 hour service completed LA854 Loader Quick-Attach Front remote valve 72” HD bucket with removable toothbar Construction Attachments adjustable pallet forks Kubota BH92 Backhoe w/ manual thumb and 16” bucket 6’ Taylor Way box blade...
  8. mikester

    Air Seat Upgrade for my M59 TLB

    Bliss! If anyone else is sick of their crappy OEM Kubota seats with no suspension I've found a relatively painless upgrade that will work for your M59/M62 I took the plunge and ordered the Kubota "L6026" air suspension seat made for the L6060 cab tractor and found that it fits with very little...
  9. SuperAwesomeDOOD

    Kubota B8200D -- am I giving it away?

    Hello, I recently found a note on my front gate asking about one of my tractors. I had no intent to sell, but I don't use it much. I talked to the young man over the phone that night and explained the tractor to him. I said I haven't started it for a year. Before that, I hadn't used it for...
  10. B

    Thoughts about 2005 Kubota RTV900

    I have started shopping for a UTV to be used strictly as a work horse around a 35 acre property in the N. Ga mountains. I already have a tractor for the heavy duty work so this is mainly for light hauling and getting around for maintenance. It will need decent off road capability since much of...
  11. M

    A&I Products Parts for Kubota and Tired Iron Tractor Parts

    Hi All, I broke the door on my Kubota L4310 (15 minutes before trying to sell it no less). I found the OEM replacement door online for $700+. There is a non-OEM door abailable from A&I products. Anybody had any experience with them? Separate but related, has anybody had experience with Tired...
  12. I

    Jerky/studdering Loader Movement

    Since I bought my 1985 Kubota 5850DT, the loader movements have been jerky/studdery after reaching a certain point in their movement--usually about 1/4 of the range. If I reverse the movement and then extend it further, it goes a bit farther before jerking again. If I leave the valve open, the...
  13. W

    Original Tractor Cab for my Kubota BX23s. Install Video

    Happy New year everybody! I got to spend the second day of the new year on my tractor moving snow while it was around 0 degrees Fahrenheit IN A CAB! I bought this cab before Original Tractor cab released their dedicated BX23s cab design so I had to improvise on a couple of steps to make it...
  14. O

    Kubota BX24 PTO lever stuck

    2008 model, I never use the PTO. I have no implements that use the PTO. I am the original owner. Went to go start the tractor and it does not turn over. Acts like one of the safety switches is not engaged. I notice the PTO lever is the middle. Not sure how it got there. It won't move forward or...
  15. EverythingAttachments

    WICKED Toothbar will Transform Your Bucket

    Wicked Toothbar has been on the market for about 1.5 years now, and because of the bucket strengthening and enhancing design, it has accumulated over 200 reviews on our website to back up this thread's title. When you're purchasing something that's 100% composed of metal, you should know what...
  16. J

    Searching for replacement lower winshield KX040-4

    Looking for source for Kubota KX040 (lower) Windshield replacements. Would prefer polycarbonate but understand that is in short supply. Will be glad to use tempered glass. I can find them for the KX080, but thus far not for the 040. Do these cabs happen to be the same size?
  17. R

    M7060 with bad brakes!

    Hello everyone, I don't have the Branson anymore, I got myself a Kubota M7060 12 shifts, 2016 with an M21 loader and snow blower, 1340 hours on it, really nice tractor but. The one and only problem with it, and it is quite a serious one is faulty travel brakes. I have to pump the pedals to get...
  18. Green Acres Homestead

    Property Development

    We have 23 acres overlooking a bay in beautiful Cape Breton Nova Scotia. It was part of an old farm that is largely overgrown so I am using my l4740 with a backhoe attachment, logging winch and tiller to develop it. Part of my project is to become self sufficient by building a log cabin and...
  19. Green Acres Homestead

    Help me....3 point hitch won't raise up unless tractor is at 2200 rpm.

    My 3 point hitch is not working right. I have to reve the tractor up to about 2200 rpm to get the 3pt hitch to raise. There is only one pump and the rest of the tractor is working properly. The fluid is topped up and doesn't appear to be leaking. I think it might the seal in the hydro...
  20. H

    FEL Options for Kubota L4330

    Anyone know the aftermarket loader options for a Kubota l4330
  21. W

    Woodmaxx FM54 Flail Mower with Y blades experience video

    Hey all I hope everyone is doing awsome! I wanted to share my experience with the WoodMaxx brand FM54 Flail mower on my Kubota BX23s. I hope this video helps anybody out there who is on the fence about getting one of these. In the video I asked alot out of that little flail and it...
  22. D

    Kubota BX 3rd function stops working when hot

    Hey guys, i have a 5 year old Kubota BX2380 with a diverter on front that operates a grapple. When i use the grapple for 20 minutes or so, the pinch mode will stop working. Won’t open or close. Let it set for 5 minutes and it starts working again. My guess is that is overheats. Any ideas...
  23. N

    Kubota MX5400 Battery - AGM or Flooded?

    Is the Kubota MX5400 battery an AGM or flooded/wet-cell battery? There is nothing identifying which it is on the label or in the manual. A parts look-up doesn't mention which it is.
  24. M

    Kubota l3400 front end loader mount's

    Hello everyone, This forum has been a great help in the past so I thought it might be a good place to pose this question. I have a pretty good front end loader already, and I need to mount it to my Kubota l3400… I need to make the mount's myself for a few reasons. The genuine ones are...
  25. workinallthetime

    priced out a L47 and M63

    1 was surprised to see that the L47 equipped with a thumb, 39" tilt BH bucket, and front Hydraulics was $72,316.97 and the M63 outfitted the same was $86,806.38 My L45 has exactly the same specs as the L47 and with less than 1500 hours I am rethinking the decision. I could use the capacities...
  26. J

    Add valve section to mini excavator Kubota KH 66

    Hello, I'm trying to add a sectional valve to my old Kubota excavator to run a hydraulic thumb off of it. It being so old, all the valve controls are mechanical, and I would like to have an electronic control on one of the sticks for the thumb. I imagine a solenoid actuated valve would make a...
  27. C

    Kubota 7040 uneven hydraulic cylindars on loader arm

    I have the same issue on my tractor as this older thread. I tried to shim the side that was closed but it had not effect. When the cylinders are in the full dump position the right side is extended about 2 inches farther than the left side. do I remove the upper hydraulic line and pull it...
  28. C

    Kubota L4610 Broken Lift Arm--- aaargh.

    oh, man, snapped the right lift arm in two. removed the bolt the that's connected to a plate that's welded to the pin. per instructions (I think) I banged on that plate, and got it to turn (which should have also turned the pin), but alas, the plate broke off from it's weld, and now I'm stuck...
  29. D

    Engine dead

    I'm sorta new here, been reading threads for a year or so. Finally have a problem of my own, not sure where to start. I have a 2016 BX-25D, sticker on motor says BX23. 565.3 hours. About a year and a half ago, I got the organisms in the fuel because I didn't know to keep the tank topped off...
  30. B

    2020 MX5400 for sale - Like New Condition

    2020 Kubota MX5400, 54 HP, 4WD, Hydrostatic Drive, ROPS, 72" bucket, R4 Industrial tires, 80 Hours, Accessories: 3rd function valve, filled rear tires, custom grill guard, steel sunshade/roof (not shown, never installed, Kubota orange), chain hooks on bucket, improved tool box. This tractor is...
  31. B

    Kubota M4800 - Need to manually wire the Temp Sensor to the Gauge

    Need a little assistance finding Temperature Sensor and Oil Sending unit and getting them wired back up. Several years ago parked my Kubota M4800 in a 3 wall dirt floor garage and rats chewed on the heart of the wiring harness in the dash leaving lots of bare copper exposed. At that time the...
  32. Scotti35

    G2160 lift pump overheating and dying over and over

    Hi all, I have a 2010 G2160 mower with 3-cyl diesel. 816 hours. Been having an ongoing problem with the electric lift pump dying. The setup is: Tank -> filter -> lift pump -> filter -> injection pump Last year, it lost power... replaced fuel filters, and boom. Good to go. This year, the same...
  33. kiwi_steve

    Kubota KH41 mini-excavator - multiple problems

    Hi all, well I just bought this brand new (in about 1988) Kubota KH41 (similar to a KH36 I think) and I've got a few problems with it. First is the ghastly paint scheme - but I'll live with that for now - its been very rusty, and this paint is on THICK to hide it! So I don't see an easy fix...
  34. L

    Kubota B3200 Hydraulic Leak

    Hello, I have a hydraulic leak and I think the culprit is the shaft which is used to open and close (what I believe is) the hydraulic lines. Something has caused the shaft to have an oblong rotation and it also seems like it has more wiggle than it should. I've included a couple pictures. I've...
  35. Shmallory0

    Kubota B2910 Not Starting with Ignition Key

    Hello all! I've been having trouble with my B2910, and the key is not turning the starter solenoid on. 650 hours I ran the tractor for a few hours, and then turned it off near the house to go run in and grab some chains. Came back, and it would not start. Dash Lights did come on though when...
  36. Stan777

    L4701 Right front turning axle leaks on the tire

    It started this at 100 hours. When I went to investigate 2 years ago, I opened the check nut and air rushed out. I thought" its under pressure"? Then it was only about 1/2 pint low. It stopped leaking. I read that other larger tractors have the same issue. Anyone know anything about this issue...
  37. D

    2 Satoh Bucks 1 Kubota b 7100 Western Maryland USA

    I have 2 Satoh Bucks S470D and one Kubota B 7100 HST that I am looking to sell or trade. Details: 1 Satoh ran when I parked it a couple years ago. It has a wiring issue 1 Satoh I acquired for parts about 8 years ago Was told it ran but I never had it running I have the manuals (Owners and...
  38. DawnM

    Grease points on Kubota

    Oil, Fuel & Lubricants Grease points kubota B20 Thread starterDawnM Start date38 minutes ago TagsNone Watch ••• 38 minutes ago Add bookmark #1 DawnM New member I have a 4WD Kubota B20 TL420 and am trying to find all the gease points on it. I've always greased the ones on the bucket...
  39. BX22inMO

    BX22 Seat Option

    I have been looking for a seat for my "ultimate garden tool", known to the public as a BX22D TLB. One of the dealers I use advertised a seat for about $150 then after I ordered it they notified me it wasn't available, but they had the $400 one in stock and would be happy to send it. Right, a...
  40. U

    2021 Kubota MX6000 HSTC $51,000

    Looking to sell my Kubota. I would like to down size. Kubota MX6000 Cab Tractor 2021 4x4 60 HP Turbocharged Kubota Engine 51.7 PTO Horsepower 3 Range Hydrostatic Transmission Kubota LA1065 Quick Connect Front Loader with Skid Steer Coupler Heavy Duty Bucket with Bolt on Cutting Edge Dual Front...
  41. N

    Kubota G1800 Wont Start. Start Clicks. (FIXED)

    Good evening, I have a Kubota G1800 tractor. This Kubota would intermittently not start. The bendix would hit the flywheel without engaging. First, I bought a brand new Chinese starter. (Smart right?) That didn't work so I tried shimming it. I read online that you can put a starter relay into...
  42. smartguyz

    F3990 Owner: Why can't I run B100?

    Hi TBN friends! I just became the owner of an F3990 Front Mower. In general it works really well. I have been reading the owners manual and it states that you shouldn't run anything more than B5 diesel in it. (5% biodiesel). It gives no reason for the warning and admonition. Given that...
  43. M

    Flail size for Kubota L3130

    Will a Land Pride flail mower FM2572 be too much for a Kubota L3130 with 25.8 HP at the PTO? One dealer said don’t do it, tractor can’t handle the heavy duty LP model. My local dealer said it’s no problem, will work just fine. I’d really like a six foot. Would a medium duty six foot model be any...
  44. Bob64

    Changing Fluid on Kubota L3010 Front Axle?

    I am a newbie to TractorByNet. I grew up on a farm long time ago but enjoy the work I can get done around my little 11 acre piece of paradise here in Vermont with a tractor. I own a 2003 Kubota L3010 that I use occasionally for things I couldn't do otherwise so it doesn't get the hours of a...
  45. H

    L3130 : PSB 2004-055 service bulletin question : hydraulic pump oil starved

    Hello everyone, I bought my first tractor over the winter (2004 L3130 Manual 4x4 - 2k hours). Seems like I might have made a bad choice. I just found out that my serial falls into the tractors affected by PSB 2004-055. I attached the bulletin. Apparently when operating the backhoe (BH90 for...
  46. H

    Kubota L3130 : How to remove front axle hub seal race [pic inside]

    Hello tractorbynet, I have the front axle hub apart on my L3130 (4x4). I want to replace the seal that goes between the hub (part with lug nuts) and gear/knuckle housing. The part # is 34070-13370...I attached a diagram, it is 060 or 180 on it. It is basically two parts...an outer rubber seal...
  47. H

    Kubota L3010 GST

    I bought a Kubota L3010 GST and since I’ve had it when changing gears on the move it almost seems like it goes into N or in between gears but mostly happens when gearing down is that common or is there something going on I need to be concerned about?
  48. R

    Towing Capacity of L2501

    Hey all, I bought a new Kubota L2501 a few months ago, and it's been a great tool. I need to move my "tiny house" to a new site on my property in a couple days and I was planning to tow it with the tractor drawbar. The tiny house is built on a 16' trailer and weighs something close to 10k...
  49. T

    Tractor and Turf Equipment Tutorials

    Hey guys. Just wanted to share my channel with you. I work as a Turf Mechanic for many years and I'm still learning everyday but I may have some videos to help some people with certain issues on a variety of machines. I also work on Kubota / Case and New Hollands as well. Please subscribe to the...
  50. J

    B1750 hydro pedal hanging

    I have a kubota B1750 HST 650 hours. The only problem I have with it is that the hydrostat pedal is hard to move. Also when I press it to go forward and then let off of it, it does not return back to "neutral". It also does the same in reverse. I have greased the zerk on the pedal itself and...