'06 Montana 4340 Seat Suspension issues- Floppy!

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Jan 17, 2022
2006 Montana 4340 w/ Loader
Just got a '06 Montana 4340 to fix up at a great price, and looking for a reference or solution.
The seat assembly has a new chair and slide, but find the entire seat's scissor suspension seems to "flop" all over the place.

I have taken the entire assemble off the pan, as well as the seat/slide section off the suspension base.

Seems the issue is within the suspension base, but have not found any reference diagrams to determine if part is missing or miss-assembled. What I have discovered so far is that the screw / knob in the front that would set suspension based on driver's weight does not seem to contact anything no matter how far you turn it in or out. the tension springs are in place.

Additionally a pin [ see pics - yellow arrow ] was out, and can not determine if this pin should be over or under the Metal "loop" shown in the rear view image in front of the suspension travel limit bumper.

If anyone has any info on a fix, diagram or could post a picture of theirs, it would be appreciated. If someone has a part number to the base scissor assembly, I would appreciate it as well since it does not show separately in the parts catalogue I have.

For anyone with seat issues needing an inexpensive one to "adapt" to their platform, this has been the least expensive I could find and will go that way if no other solution comes up. Amazon E-W222BL Wrap Around Black Universal Tractor Seat for John Deere, Ford, Massey Ferguson>>> $99 universal replacement


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there was a recall on the sliders {plastic} that shattered ..the "factory" fix was machined aluminum blocks that replicated the plastic ones....the photos posted appear to be missing the plastic slider blocks
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Bushings are shot, replace the base. K&M seating sells bases.
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I have a 4940C with the same seat. The plastic blocks on mine shattered as well. I made my own out of aluminum. Been working fine ever since. Your pictures show the correct position. My seat is over 15 years old and still works fine. Leather is cracked though so need some reupholstering.