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May 13, 2012
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Will a New Holland TS110 pull a 12 spike aerator, my ground is pretty hard dirt. i don’t reallly need a 12’ but there is a used one with a real good price on it with the weight blocks already on it.
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Mr. Rooster: I'll not address your specific question, but will speak generally to aeration.
While some say that the single most effective act to take to impove grass growth is aeration, there are others, including state agricultural departments, that say it is a waste of effort. In my case, I aerated the pasture and was told later by the herdsman he saw no difference is grass growth..
In every case, the recommendation is to use a plug aerator, not a spike or slice aerator, because those types of aerators compress the soil adjacent to the spiker or the slicer.
I beieve the most effective way to use an aerator is to
1) Spread sand over the area being aerated
2) Use a plug aerator which will drive sand into the earth as well as making aeration holes
3) Use a drag or FEL (backing) to smooth the sand INTO the holes left by the plug aerator. The value of this is to keep the soil loosened, and allow easy entry into the soil by rain water. So it is not a cheap propositiion, and it requires a lot of tractor time.
Grass can (and does) grow in soil that is 90% sand, so you can repeatedly sand/aerate/smooth until you are satisified with your soil and drainage.