1260 engine knock?

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Apr 30, 2011
Jackson, NY
Kubota L2501
Hi all. There is a 1260 near me for sale, 4x4 with loader, 1900 hrs overall decent shape. The problem is it has what appears to be a bad rod knock :(
From the info on Tractor Data it has the Iseki 3 cyl diesel. I have no experience with the internals of a diesel engine. That being said, how difficult would it be to do a rebuild assuming parts are available?
Walk away? I don't need another tractor but thought maybe I could flip it for a few bucks.
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I don't see that tractor being a money maker, bought a 1250 that way once... Knock was a broken crank. Bought a "good" used engine, which ended up having low compression on one cylinder and cracked head. Ended up making 1 good engine out of the 2 but there nothing cheap about the parts, 3 ring sets and head gasket were a grand themselves.