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Feb 7, 2005
Just ordered mini hoe and LMB for my 1430. Wanted the forks also but $1200 seemed too high even though they were adjustable.

Took a pic of the 425 forks to a welding shop and they told me they could make identical forks, 42 inches long for a total of $150.00 including all material. I figure this was a deal. Went ahead and ordered an attachment plate for the "future forks."

Just thought I would pass this along just in case anyone else was thinking about making a set of forks for either 425 or 1430, or whatever.
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The most recently quoted price from PT for the 1430 forks is $1600 so your price at $150 plus the plate at $175 is a deal.

I got a quote from a supplier of skid steer attachments to attach a mini max pallet fork to a 1430 plate for $700 so it would cost a total of $875 with the plate. I thought that a better alternative than $1600 from PT but I like your pricing better.

Keep us informed how it comes out and perhaps supply pictures so I can take them to a local welding shop.

Thanks for the information.
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I agree that $1200 is very high. Sometime I'll have some made for less.

P.S. you'll love the minihoe! It is a great attachment!
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Another good source for adjustable forks is.... a forklift shop. There are several around here that deal in used equipment. /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif
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I found a set of skid steer forks at a farm auction for a couple hundred and had quick attach welded on.
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I recommend checking forklift shops, too. I got a set of used 32" 2500lb. rated forks from a local forklift shop for under $100. The downside is that they are a good bit heavier than they need to be for a PT425, especially with the way I overbuilt the carriage. They'd probably be great for a 14xx series machine. I could have gotten the matching carriage for about $50, but I think it must have weighed at least 150 lbs.

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Has anyone tried the clamp-on bucket forks on a PT bucket?

I understand that they're a big compromise, moving the weight farther forward, but the price is right...
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I built these from a small fork lift. They are adjustable and can lift 4800 lbs. will never bend. I also cut one inch holes in the ends to put a 2 in ball for moving trailers . I also welded a reciever in the center.


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Nice looking forks. I wish the PT-425 forks were adjustable like that. Oh well, can't have everything.
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Yes, nice looking forks. I love the color of the one on the left. /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif