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Feb 22, 2021
Massey Ferguson GC1725MB
I purchased a Massey 1835M w/ cab that’s due to arrive late Aug. Since it doesn’t include a radio, I purchased an Alpine UTE-73BT head unit, and will purchase some replacement speakers as well.

Questions #1: Is a harness included to attach from Agco/Massey pre-wire harness to aftermarket unit? If not, does anyone know what harness to purchase?

Question #2: Looks like there are 2 rear speakers - Do you know what size they are - Diameter?


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When I bought my Massey 4707, I asked for a free radio and speakers to be installed. He agreed. It's not the greatest radio or speakers, but it's lasted 2 years so far.

I would talk to the guy you bought it from and tell him that he should install it for you, for free.
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Thanks, I have heard the factory system is mediocre, so only paid 100.00 for the Alpine head unit, and already have speakers in the sizes it should be - Just didn’t know if it was 4”, 5.25” or 6” - I actually enjoy installing, so don’t mind doing it
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The speaker diameter is not important - whatever fits will work. The speaker impedance is far more important. Most speakers are either four or eight ohm. Go with what the stereo manufacturer recommends.
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I have the factory set up in my 1840M, engine noise overwhelms the radio, but other than that it works fine. If the cab were insulated better I 'd use the radio more often.
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Capt Pat, do you happen to know the diameter of the speakers you have in your 1840? I ordered the 1835, but will not be here til late Aug, and wanted to order aftermarket speakers prior. Just didn't want to order something that didn't fit the factory holes. It looks like it's maybe 5.25" but might be as small as 4". I have looked online, and contacted Agco, but haven't heard anything as of yet.
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@Wineguy I'm guessing they are 4" speakers, I'd go measure them but I fighting COVID right now