1987 JD 1050 hydraulic/joystick



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Feb 8, 2021
1987 john deere 1050
Thanks everyone. Like a asid I have a 1987 jd 1050 with fel without power steering. It was plummed it as listed below.
1.From the pump they cut the little line and sweated some fittings in. From the pump goes to the bottom of what I can guess is a pressure regulator line to the bottom of it.
2. Out of the top of the pressure regulator to a two position selector valve to isolate the fel and the 3 point. One line goes to the fel valve 2 lever the other goes back down to the small pressure line they cut to the rockshaft.
3. The third port on the pressure regulator goes down to the return line from the pump large line. They "teed" into it.
4. And return out of the valve goes to the transmission.

I would like to change out the two lever control valve out to a joystick control valve. Worked on it most of the afternoon. And have gotten no where.
Look on line and found some info on how to use the ports on the rockshaft. Two ports on the front of it under the seat on the right side of the tractor. Said take the lower plug out and apply a 1/4 plug inside and connect the power in the the fel. Remove the top plug and plum in the pby hose and of course the return to the transmission. I did this and only the loader would work the 3point will not work at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance