2006 L3130 Kubota GST light blinking and error code 62

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Mar 7, 2011
Florida panhandle
2006 Kubota L3130
Hi guys and gals. I've been reading/ following this forum for years and now it is finally my turn to ask for some help. My tractor is an 06 Kubota L3130 GST. About 2 months or so ago I was bush hogging when a good size stick stood back up under the tractor while moving forward and took out the wiring going to the transmission on the left side of the tractor, (left rear upper corner.)One of the wires just came unplugged and stopped the tractor dead movement wise, forward or reverse. Another one broke off of the transmission temp sensor. This sensor is built like a 'spark plug' but with 2 wires going to the top of the porcelain insulator instead of one like a spark plug would have. The base of it screws into the transmission. I bought another one of those sensors and replaced it. After replacing this, the tractor runs and moves, but the GST light keeps blinking and if you put the tractor in 9th or 10th gear, it only reads 8th gear and moves at that speed. In 11th and 12th, it's back to normal. So basically there is no 9th and 10th gear/ speed; forward or reverse. Looking in the owner manual I see there is something in the transmission troubleshooting section covering this, GST Error 62. The codes that come on the dash are in forward- Error 62 2 9 10 NG, and in reverse Error 62 2 6 NG. My take on what this is trying to tell me is that Error 62 is with solenoid 2 and that speeds 9 and 10 are a No Go (NG) Same with speed 6 in reverse. Now I did ask about clearing the codes when I purchased and replaced the broken transmission sensor. The dealer told me to install it and run the tractor for a bit it and the code should go away by itself. Well 2 months later it's still there. They also said if it doesn't I'd have to bring the tractor in. I'm trying to avoid that. So now my questions. Can someone tell me if this has happened to you before? Also, where is/ are the affected solenoids? I do see something on the outside case of the transmission with wires connected. One looks like a switch with a metal guard protecting it, and the next looks like it might be a 'solenoid'. Or am I way off base and the solenoids are internal to the transmission?
I have looked online for a procedure to reset the code. What it showed was apparently for a newer tractor than mine as it says to use the 'regen' buttons, which my tractor does not have, being an 06 model. I did try playing with the buttons I do have, but no love there. So now I'm here. I will surely appreciate any help/ advice anyone can give me in resolving this issue. I am also including pictures of the transmission where the wiring problems took place. TIA to everyone for your help.