2015 McCormick X1.35 ignition harness short and repair

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Jan 23, 2020
McCormick X1.35
Turned the key in the tractor the other day, and nothing. Battery was fully charged, but zero response. Had 12v at the starter, so I pulled the dash and right side plastic trim off to treat voltage at the ignition switch. I discovered that the heavy white/red wire that runs to the switch has rubbed thru. Further investigating found that the main visible link had burned out as it did its job to break the dead short.

I have attached some pics of the damage and where the rubbing occurred. The harness in this area is not protected with any plastic loom, so I took a section of old heater hose that was the same size as the hole that the harness is threaded thru and zip tied it in place to keep the harness from contracting the frame. Had a hard time tracking down a fusible link, so I bought a section of fusible link wire, took the connector apart and soldered the wire to the tabs and replaced it in the plastic coupler.