2024 garden season

   / 2024 garden season #181  
Sunflowers are breaking out.
No rows. Seed just broadcast freehand and lightly cultivated in.
They overtake the weeds.
I'm guessing over an acre.
Bees love it and birds come in every year.
The yellow finches arrive by the hundred.
Even the local critters benefit.
A couple deer bed down in the tall plants.
I watched a skunk harvest his share by walking into a stalk with his shoulder until he can get at the seeds.
Little bit of habitat for everyone.
Attracts people driving by and the local neighbour women.
I'm their hero when I tell them to cut as many blooms as they want.
Rest of the garden I didn't bother with.
Prepped the soil and everything and then changed my mind.
It's only me and it's easier just to buy what I need.
I can only eat so much zucchini, cukes and tomatoes. This spring I dumped half the taters I had put away.
Corn last week was $.22 a cob. If I eat 10 cobs a summer I'm good.
Someone brought me half dozen squash plants so that's it.