25 hp, 3 cyl. Ladong Engine replace



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Aug 4, 2013
walworth WI.
Lu Zhong
I have a 2007 Luzhong 254 with ladong engine. I also have a new engine still in the crate. I have stage 4 cancer and wish to change out that old engine while I can still get around. I think the Luzhong is similar to the Nortrac tractors. Does anyone here know if I can just lift the engine off of the tractor frame
or do I need to prop up the front axle. It looks like I just need to remove battery and radiator and everything in front of engine and then unbolt engine and lift it out of the tractor frame.

I'm hoping maybe someone here has done this before. Thanks for your time.


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Sep 29, 2011
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I have NOT done this on your tractor, but....

You need to "SPLIT the Tractor" at the transmission/clutch bell housing in order to remove the engine. It's not like a car where the transmission can be rocked back to allow the engine to lift free.

Many tractors with frames that carry the engine have bolt up sections where that frame joins the the transmission and rear axle members.

Likely you need to "prop up" the rear of the tractor at the bell housing, and put the front end, including the engine. on wheels to pull it forward and away from the rear.

I could be all wet. but ....I have split more than a few tractors to work on the engines,

and I have NOT stayed at a Holiday Hotel. ;-)