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Jul 4, 2021
Mahindra 2655/Case 1390
Hey all, this is my first Mahindra and first new tractor and I'm at my 50hrs and I've got a few questions.

What weight engine oil weight do yall recommend? I live in the south so it's hot as hades down here in the summer , the manual says SAE 30 for temps over 77F in the summer in one place and in another SAE 30 or 10w30. Am I good just running 10w30 in it? I run 15w30 in my old Case and F350 and 10w30 in all my gas burner vehicles.

Do yall really change your oil every 100hrs? I thought the dealer told me every 500hrs after the first 50?

I read in a couple places that there is a new shorter oil filter to use? a 006016642V91 but you can use a NAPA 1324, does anyone have a Wix part number for this filter too?

Do yall change the transmission oil at this time as well or is it not really necessary? The manual recommends API GL-4 grade(no clue what that means) or SAE 80w/90, but I saw online that is commonly thought to be a misprint and people use regular 10w30?

Front axle, again, is it necessary to do a fluid change on this at this time?

Hydraulic fluid, do I really have to change it now, where is the filter and what type of hydraulic fluid should I use? Is the transmission fluid and hydraulic fluid pooled from the same reservoir like on my Case?

I'd like to take care of the tractor but I'd also like to not waste money on unnecessary fluid changes also

On a side note, the manual talks about letting the glow plugs warm up before cranking, even in the heat of summer the glow plug light takes awhile to go off. Do I need to wait for the indicator light to go off before I crank? I know some older diesel trucks you could damage the glow plugs in cold weather if you tried to crank before they warmed up

Thanks for any input
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Mar 11, 2017
Aiken, SC
Mahindra 2538
Congrats on the new tractor. If you want to keep it running right for a LONG time, you need to do the proper maintenance.

Many say to change all your fluids and filters at 50 hours. My dealer told me to wait until 100 hours to change oil, and 500 hours to change hydraulic fluid. (which is what I did) I now have 1500 hours on it, and no problems whatsoever.

But...you need to change engine oil and filter at 100 hours, and every 100 hours there after. I use 15-30 and I'm in SC. Rotella diesel oil, not regular oil for gas engines. And change the filter every time. Don't know what Wix filter your 2655 uses, and I suspect it's different than my 2538 filter. But a little research online and you should be able to find the proper Wix filter for yours.

Definitely change the hydraulic fluid in your main reservoir and front axle every 500 hours. It's the life blood of your tractor. Keep it as clean and fresh as possible. It may look like it doesn't need changing, but $75 of hydraulic fluid is a helluva lot less than replacing the hydraulic systems.

If your transmission (not sure what kind you have, shuttle, gear, or HST) fluid requires gear oil, then get the kind specified. Doesn't have to be Mahindra brand, but it needs to meet the same specs.

If you have a front loader, be sure to grease it every 10 hours. And all the other grease zerks as well. Some are under the tractor. Your owners manual should have a diagram indicating where yours are.

As for the "glow plug", I believe you have an "intake heater" for pre-start warm up. You can start it before the light goes out, but I usually wait about 2-3 seconds in hot weather before turning it over to let the computer start up. But I never move the tractor until the glow plug light goes out. And, you should really let the tractor warm up before putting it to work. Working a diesel engine when it's cold (even in hot weather) is hard on them.

Enjoy the new tractor. I think you'll like it a lot !