270DTC Fuel Filter change ... 2 things to note:



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Apr 11, 2006
Central New York
Farmtrac 270DTC
Just changed fuel filter element on my Farmtrac 270DTC. The petcock on the filter assembly has 3 positions: off, run, and air. After reinstalling the filter bowl with new filter, the petcock should be moved from the off position to the "air" position. This allows fuel to fill the bowl and simultaneously air bleeds out of a nipple located on the top of the assembly. That nipple is supposed to be protected by a rubber cap. The cap was missing on mine and the bleeder hole was plugged. I used a small screw to extract dirt that was blocking the hole and the air bled nicely, followed by nothing but fuel. At that point, the petcock was moved to the run position and all was good.

Also, I was surprised to find a spring seated in the bottom of the fuel bowl. Its purpose is to keep positive (upward) pressure on the filter making it nearly impossible for the filter to slip down off of the barb in the filter assembly. Before I changed the filter, I watched 2 fuel filter change videos on YouTube and in neither case was a spring used in this manner. The spring might be overkill, as the filter seems to be held snugly on the barb by a rubber o-ring. Nonetheless its a smart feature. There is an actual groove in the bottom (inside) of the plastic bowl where the spring seats.

To summarize: 1. double check to be sure that your cap on the fuel filter air bleeder nipple is present, preventing dirt/debris from clogging that narrow passageway, and, 2. when changing out your fuel filter, check to see if there is a spring in the bottom of the filter bowl.

Finally, while once my bowl may have been transparent, allowing me to see condition of fuel in the bowl (and the spring?), it has since become opaque. Maybe it is time for a new bowl (one that can accomodate the spring).