2nd Trip to Tazewell

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Feb 7, 2005
I returned to Tazewell with my 1430 I purchased in about '01 a few days ago and here is my take of the visit:

I took my PT home to solve the issue of lack of power at the treadle. My machine would only run 1/2 to 1/3 speed most of the time. Seems as if the cable was at fault again but also they had to "shave a little off the tram pump inards" to solve the problem of the tram returning to center.

They also noticed I had not tightened the center pivoting bolt. It had to be replaced also. So please, everyone continue to check yours as they are not too cheap. All parts about $100.00 for the bearing.
All in all I was there ALL day while they repaired my machine at $60.00 per hour.

I learned PT is the only supplier (for some reason) of the air filter for the Deutz 30 hp which was $40.00. I had tried to find one elsewhere to not avail.

PT tires are overpriced and I did not purchase any as planned

I did try out a new 1430 with the new grapple and ended up purchasing the grapple.

I have seen comments here regarding the famous 1600# log Chris mentions as I am gearing up to play with the PT. What a joke. I have seen and lifted many logs with my PT and believe me this log was far from the weight stated. I would guess the log weighed, maybe, 500#. I hardly doubt all the logs combined laying at the facility weighed 1600#.

The showroom was nice and made me want a new machine.

Another note, both Chris and the receptionist were very nice and helpful but I noticed most of their time was spent on the internet surfing. Thus I fail to understand why they do not answer most of our email.

I had thought the oil used in the hydraulic system was 10-30 non detergent. Not true. Regular 10w-30 detergent motor oil is the norm as per Terry. If I remember correctly, Terry stated they have changed to regular hydraulic oil in the new machines.

Overall the experience was okay, better than my last visit, but still I feel as if they do not tell us everything for some reason or another.
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I'll have to comment about the weight of the logs. I am also skeptical about the 1600+lbs. However, just a couple of days before lifting that log with PT's 425 demo machine and the grapple, my personal 425 with custom (heavy) forks lifted a Baldor 60hp explosion proof electric motor + crate + control panel with a published shipping weight of 972lbs. The motor was significantly easier to lift than the log. I was able to steer a bit with the motor. Not so with the log. Both are about the same diameter. I think the grapple has an advantage over my forks in being relatively light weight and keeping the load close to the attachment plate.

I'm willing to accept that the log might have weighed somewhere around 1600lbs while green and wet. I expect it may have lost a good bit of water weight since then. However, I really doubt that it lost 1100+lbs in the drying process to get it down to 500lbs. I'd guess that it currently weighs somewhere in the vicinity of 1000lbs.

As a side note, Chris told me that some customers are adding up to 500lbs of weights from TSC to the rear of their 425's to stabilize the machine for regular heavy lifting. I'd thought of adding maybe 200lbs. Those people must really be pushing their machines.

For perspective, I don't think there is an auto mechanic in my area that charges less than $60/hr. Repairing hydraulic pumps and motors requires skills on about the same level as fixing cars. I don't know about the local tractor mechanics - I've never checked their prices. After 7 years of operation, it doesn't seem unreasonable to need a day's worth of work.

I wouldn't even consider buying tires from PT - they can't compete with tire specialists and mass merchandisers. I'm pretty sure they offer tires and filters mostly as a convenience service to their customers. There probably isn't enough volume in those items to allow them to compete on price. I'd bet their main profit center is machine sales (and maybe parts for the mining equipment).

I bought a grapple too. After using it for a couple of weeks, I'm quite pleased with it, although I've managed to bend one tooth down a bit in the process of levering out a stump that REALLY wasn't ready to let go. I had the rear wheels well off the ground prying with that one tooth. I guess I'll have to adjust it with the 16lb micrometer. I won't complain - I had the PT bouncing on it...

E-mail still doesn't seem to be a priority in Tazewell. I've heard about it enough that I don't even try. They have been much better than the typical big corporation when it comes to old-fashioned telephone communication - once I get past the initial "Parts/Service/Sales menu, I've always gotten to talk to a real person who usually has a decent understanding of the product. I particularly appreciate that I'm talking to somebody in Tazewell, rather than Bangalore. That said, I prefer e-mail for some things, and wish PT would get up to speed on it.

Have you tried these guys for Deitz parts? Blue Ridge Diesel: Diesel engines, diesel generatorsm, industrial diesel engines, diesel fuel injection

I'd never heard the "non-detergent" part from PT, but I have heard several different oil recommendations from various people there, so I'm not surprised.

From my experience and what I've read, PT still has a way to go as far as presenting consistent information to the clientele. I've got a feeling that they don't tell us everything mostly because none of the people we talk to know everything. I think PT's strength is more in making innovative, simple, cost-effective machines than in communication. I've seen lots of companies that communicate better. I haven't seen another company with a product that better suits my needs, so I'll work around the communications issues.