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Feb 21, 2005
Central WI
I had the spring assembly break on the fuel fill door and had the dealer replace it. I figured that I may have gotten rough with it while fueling with a can and funnel. Opened the door the other day and the darn thing broke again. Looks like the cowling side of things. Am I the only one having this problem, or is the cowling plastic a POS?
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Guess I'm the only one. Now I get the dreaded fuel gauge failure. What are the dealers replacing for this? Sending unit I assume?
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On my 4520 , they replaced the sending unit. Mike
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I haven't had that problem with my JD 3320. I did have my fuel guage sensor (in the fuel tank area) go bad - almost right away. I finally got it fixed last fall.

I've also had lots of problems with my battery spilling "juice" all over the place causing some rust and corrosion of the frame area under the engine.
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No you're not the only one. I bought my 3320 in May 2007 and both things you mentioned are annoyances. My errant fuel gauge and the busted spring on the fuel door. And I've been very careful with the door, not allowing it to pop closed, etc.

My fuel door only had one spring and the piece of plastic that holds one side of the spring broke. I noticed that the other side was built the same way, with no spring, so I just moved the spring over. I guess eventually it will break too. I'll get both fixed once I have to take the tractor in for something more serious. My fuel gauge lies like a dog when I have under a half tank on board.
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Glad I'm not the only one. I'll look at moving it ove as well.
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they replaced my sending unit.
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Yesterday my fuel gauge worked fine. I switched the spring to the opposite side of the fuel door and that works fine for now. I sure would have thought that the hinge pin would have gone through the center of the spring, but that's not the case. Would have made sense though...
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LOL... Stop being so hard on this stuff John.....

BTW, had this on the superflow yet?
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nmu98 said:
LOL... Stop being so hard on this stuff John.....

BTW, had this on the superflow yet?

No, but I've been wanting to PTO test it. I think I'm going to trade it though. Mine's an early build and there's an issue with air in the hydraulics when I work the hydro hard. The new one will get a bit of a HP boost though. I have injectors here, just haven't followed through yet...