3720 front axle leak

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Feb 21, 2005
Central WI
Got done in the woods today and loaded up on the trailer. I have oil running out on the outside of the wheel. Couldn't really see where it is coming from, but I assume it's the hub seal and it's running down the back side of the rim then flowing through the slot. I seem to recall some talk of this happening to some of their 3000-20's some time back.

For those who have had this happen is there a CR seal part number or Deere only? Realtively simple job?
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Replaced the left front seal on my 3320 about a month ago. Fairly easy fix, I bought the seal from my local dealer and replaced the bearings that I purchased from my local bearing distributor. Seems to have solved the problem, I've put about 30 hours with no sign of leakage. Good luck, Where in Wisc ? I graduated from hs in Hayward, only lived there for my senior year.
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I've had both mine done at th dealer under warranty. I have a feeling this is going to be an issue with this tractor.
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I had both done on my 4720 last fall. My dealer tells me he has done several.
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I was told dirt gets in there and distroys the seal. Great, I can't use my tractor in the dirt.:thumbsup:
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My 3720 did it the first week it was delivered (left front axle leaked). It took me months to get it back to the dealer for warrantee service because I was so busy using it everyday, so I kept refilling. It went thru five quarts of oil in a few months. I spoke with the service tech, he told me he replaced the seal and found there was something machined slightly wrong, which he corrected. I couldnt get any more detail than that description. It hasn't leaked now in months and a hundred hours. The other side has never leaked.
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I'm well across 500hrs and have been in a LOT of crap with it. Based on what I have read here I was surprised it went this long. Looks like I'll have to order thru the dealer but I'll try to get a seal part number off the original or the replacement when I get it in hand. I don't have the luxury of being able to take it down and wait for parts as I use it to unload the occasional freight shipment plus I have a feeling we'll get hammered with a big wet snow fall on top of our soft ground as the frost leaves. This winter was far too easy on us and it's going to be in like a lamb out like a lion this year...
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Let us know how it goes. I will be doing my own after my warranty is up.
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Looking at the parts drawing I'm assuming this is the first seal at the hub that fails and not one of the knuckle seals?

Looks like a guy has to remove the housing and release the stub axle from inside via snap ring.