3PT Hitch Dilemma


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Sep 27, 2005
I've had my B7800 for a week now. Decided after 2 days that I didn't like wrestling implements around to get them hooked up. I currently have the Woods BrushBull 60, and King Kutter II 60" tiller.

Today I brought home the SpeeCo Quick Hitch. The quick hitch extends the implement out another 4 inches. This saves me from having to shorten the PTO shaft on the tiller. But then on the rotarty cutter I see in the manual where I need to reconfigure where the top-link hooks in for the quick hitch setup. Not sure if I like that.

The other option is to switch out the lower links on my B7800 with the telescoping links available on the B2910. I think the price for the B2910 lower links runs about the same as the quick hitch. But then I am back to needing to shorten the PTO shaft on the tiller.

Any opinions on which is the lesser of 2 evils? Anyone have problems with the quick hitch slamming into a rotary cutter when it bounces off a bump?