4-in-one bucket and other pics



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Sep 15, 2006
Frederick maryland
Kubota M7040, MF 203 industrial, ZD331, RTV 1100 , Kubota Minix excavator, Unimog 404
Here are a few pics. The first two are of the Bradco 4-in-one bucket that I picked up yesterday.
Pics 3 and 4 are of the top hydraulic link and also showing the bend tines on the box blade. The tractor has too much HP for this bucket but it sure ripped up a lot rocks in the process and was able to clean out a huge area.
Pic 5 is of the ballast box filled with rock sand ready to go on the pallet forks in the rear.
Pic 6 is of the Bradco attachment plate to convert the three point to quick attach.
Pic 8 is of the pallet forks that will mount to the bradco conversion plate.
Pic 9 is of a 4 gang plow that I had used on my 50 hp MF tractor. Could only make it work downhill with diff lock inplace. Will try to see what the M7040 can do with it?


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