4145 won稚 turn over

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Aug 27, 2016
LS XR4145
My wife noticed that she had to jiggle the shuttle shift lever a few times to get it to turn over. Now that doesn稚 work either. I didn稚 have a volt meter with me to check wire harnesses, but I did check all of the fuses and the connectors and the battery terminal and ground wires and found nothing.

I知 assuming either the shuttle shifter sensor is bad or perhaps the starter solenoid or special fuse is bad. Any ideas? If it痴 the shifter sensor is that internal to the transmission?

Just under 200 hours on the tractor.
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I'm unfamiliar with the tractor but suspect it's an adjustment thing either with the switch or the shuttle shift itself. It would surprise me greatly if the switch was inside the transmission.
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Pull the plastic lower dash Cover off on the left side and you will see a little black magnet switch with a wire coming out the back, good chance that it is bad .
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Thanks all. It appears to be the safety cutout switch on the brake pedal.