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Feb 21, 2005
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OK I own a Harley Davidson and own a ton of Snap-On tools so I know what it's like to pay a lot of money for parts, but I think Deere just leapfrogged them both.

My 450 tiller started skipping and popping after about 16 years of excellent operation and essentially zero maintenance. The only thing I have ever done is replace the tines and reweld the chain hook for the leveling door as it started to bend and tear from vibration.

So I look and the chain is way loose. Shafts seem tight so I adjust it up and run out of adjuster. Still skips so I priced the chain and sprockets. The chain and 2 sprockets plus gasket is over $500 :eek:

Decided I needed to dig further and pulled it apart only to find the lower bearing is completely gone. No race, nothing, just a single ball. Price of this bearing is $109. I mean come on. I expect to pay maybe a bit more than Car Quest List which is already inflated. This should be a $20-30 bearing selling at $50-60 not $109.

I can't see the number on the opposing bearing, but it does appear to be the same bearing. I hate to risk wrecking it to remove and try to find part number on it.
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Maybe look for other sources for the parts. Chain and sprockets shouldn't be too hard to find, as well as bearings. Just knowing the inside diam, outside diam, and thickness should be enough for a bearing house to cross reference a sub.

But for me, being able to just get the part is often better than the dead-end NA (no longer available) response.
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It does seam a little high. I had a 450 for 14 years and wore out 2 sets of tines. It sounds like I traded it for a new one at the right time.

But a new tiller for $609 ain't too bad either. :)
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OK I pulled what was left of the old bearing and also the good one to see what I could do for numbers.

Here is what I thing I have:

SKF Bearing

YAR 207 something 2 RFW

it could be 207422 or 20722 if the etcher did not space properly hard to say.

looks like I may have to go dimensional, but it's a pretty odd bearing in that the center is a wide flangeabout 2x the width of the bearing. The outer race is curved and locks between 2 plates.

On edit looks like YAR207-2RFW may be my number.
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Follow Up

Bearing from Deere is IPTCI # UC207-35MMG