Mowing 48" Finish Mower Belt?

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Mar 16, 2003
Beaverton, Oregon
JD318, Power-Trac PT425 with scuffed-up green paint.
Hi guys,

Sorry if I am acting like a noob, but we don't seem to have a 'sticky' section from FAQs (correct me if I am wrong).

I am looking for cross references for common maintenance items, e.g.

For a PT425:

1) Replacement belt for the 48" mower
2) Hydraulic filter
3) replacement blades for finish mower

I've been buying everything from Power-Trac, but some of these items are getting a little ridiculous... to send 3500 miles away for a new belt (yes, I should have ordered it last year when I purchased the hydro filter and the blades for the brush mower.... oh well)

Any help guys?

-Rob :)
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smartguyz .

I went through the same thing with the deck belts on my Dixie Choppers. What I did was to take the old belt to Napa, or whoever had belts, and measured real good, length, and belt width, and belt material, and stated what I wanted. I tried many different companies, and found one that would work better, and the price was right. You can also specify lawn mower belts, auto, farm, or industrial belts. This has been a while ago, but I think I settled on an industrial belt that had an Aramid layer core for strength, in the center or the belt. On most belts, the strength is close to the outside of the belt, and I found out that most belts are not designed to flex back-wards, like on the deck belts. which wrapped around the idling pulley, it bends backward about 180 degrees. The inside started cracking, and then chunks would start to come off, and finally the belt just crapped out, and at $27 for a belt, and I was cutting about 6 hr a day for 18 yrs. You have to do what you can. Always be on the lookout for a better way. You might try Goodyear, Gates, and there are a bunch of the belt makers out there. You might even call the companies and tell them what you want and they might recommend something good/better/and best.

As far as the blades, just go on line, and state the bolt hole size, and length, and you should come up with a bunch from which to chose. I used those gator blades quite a bit. Here in Florida, the sand eats up on just about any blade.

Same thing on the hyd filter, just know what the thread size is on the filter, and the micron rating you want, and go search. Someone might have done all that and can give you some data.