5 acres worth it to offer for haying?



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Sep 12, 2008
South Carolina
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A thought came to me after reading this earlier today if I read this correctly you are trying to keep it classed as ag land. Rather than trying to bale hay why not fence and raise a few goats, sheep or maybe some miniature cows. Think the acreage is too few for full size cattle. Depending on your area you may find market in miniature horses or such.

If that is not workable for you with this size acreage then produce will work. You could even plant such as watermelons or pumpkins around stumps if need be. No idea in your area but I understood from my sister in her area providing habitat for game gives them ag type classification but think they might call it game classification.

Here you must have at least 10 acres to be classed as ag but only 5 for forestry. Does not have to be in a single tract.


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Dec 28, 2007
SW pennsylvania
I have a 7 acre hayfield. My neighbor cuts it for his cows. He does everything. He’ll square bale a couple hundred for my wife’s horses or will give us square from another field. Affords us a beautiful view with little work. I simply brush hog the edges. IMG_0871.JPGIMG_3346.JPGIMG_0685.JPG