5740 Hydraulic pressure and shut off problems

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Jul 20, 2020
Montana 5740
I just bought this 5740 with 2 current problems and could use some help.

First the hydraulics, the tractor steers very hard unless you pull and hold on of the FEL actuator lever, it doesn't matter which one as long as it is putting pressure to a loader cylinder. Then the steering gets easier.
It also works the other way, the loader will not lift unless you put pressure against the steering wheel like your trying to turn. PTO does run and 3 point does lift but I currently have nothing to put a load on either of them so they my also be low on pressure. I'm going to purchase a pressure gauge so I can get an accurate pressure reading.

It seems to have a new pump and filter on it already. It acts like a pressure relief valve bypassing or a bad o-ring to me but where and which one.

Second, sometimes when I shut off the ket switch it continues to run. Sometimes for a few seconds and sometimes indefinitely until I manually move the injector shut off lever. Also after shutting it off you can occasionally hear the shut down solenoid clicking randomly.
It acts like the shut down relay but it powers the solenoid to kill the engine and I have not been able to determine what powers it temporarily after key off.
   / 5740 Hydraulic pressure and shut off problems
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To answer my own questions, the hydraulic problem was someone had previously disassembled the hydraulic pump and then incorrectly assembled it.
As far as the shut-off problem I discovered that every time I wash the tractor and got under the dash wet this problem occurred. As long as I keep the water away from there it's not a problem but my guess it is the shutdown relay doesn't like moisture.