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Jan 31, 2019
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This weekend I went up to the local RK for a 6 ft box blade and noticed something weird

The item # online 60633014 RK by King Kutter 72 inch Pro Box Blade BB G 72 RR is listed as a 72in blade and is $809.

At the store they have a 6ft box blade 60633102 for $749. What's the difference?

I did not see the one at the store online.

Also, rktractorguy... tell who ever ships the implements to lighten up. There was one BB dented on the top link frame and they all looked banged up pretty good with rub marks and paint falling off. Some of the stuff was rusting up.

This is my second RK implement purchase!
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I see the box blade online as $899.97, same price on the tractor website when adding implements during customization.

If you view the code for the image on rural king's site, it lists the 60633102 P/N, so I'd say they're the same item. Not sure if they had price increases on implements like they did on some of their tractors at the beginning of the year, but maybe it's possible that the price simply hasn't been updated on the old stock sitting outside, or they are selling old stock at the previous price.
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I had a bad experience with a King Kutter rear blade, the metal bent at the pins and the turnstile holes augered out. My brother has the same model with no issues other than he needed to shim the rotating shaft due to too much free play and tightening nut was bottomed out on shoulder of shaft. KK said my warranty was expired. Mine was the Pro model and I think the metal was soft, not heat treated properly.

Look at the warranty, 30 days! You wont have enough time to use it before warranty expires and you will possibly be in the same boat as me.

BTW, I use my equipment gingerly and take care of things. It wasnt operator abuse.
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still have my RK box blade. Really havnt put many hours on it but its still in great shape.