700 series 7 iron with bar tires?

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Feb 21, 2005
Central WI
Bar tires are a must have for me if I stay 2wd. Looks pretty sketchy to me. Apparently there was a change to the HDAP tires and there was a trade in program or something. Here is what I found in a document:

Tractor requires turf tires or HDAP tires shipped as BM22425*.
BM20953 26x12.0-12 in. 2PR HDAP tires (rear) will remain on the tire return program until 1 June 2007.
NOTE: Because of the large fore-aft dimension of the 60-in. 7-Iron Mower, bar tires or the current HDAP tires may rub on the mower deck, particularly if they are near the limits of the manufacturing diameter tolerance, and therefore cannot be recommended.


Discontinued - 60-in. 7-Iron™ deep-deck mower delivers commercial capability