Adding Auxilliary Hydraulics to Ford/NH 445D

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Apr 12, 2023
Ford/NH445D, NH B95C, CAT TH83, IH TD8E
I have a 1996 Ford NH 445D 4x4 skip loader. I bought it as a project with the flywheel bolts broken, so I have gotten to know my way around the machine a bit getting it fixed up and running right, along with other repairs. I have added a quick attach conversion plate to the front end and converted the bucket. I would like to run 2-way hydraulics up there too so I can run powered attachments using the 26gpm loader hydraulic circuit. Ideally controlled with a 2-way switch with detents on the loader knob. I can figure out the hydraulic lines, fittings, and routing, but I am a little in the dark on where to start with a valve block and switching. Anyone have any experience to share? Here's a pic of the machine since everyone likes pictures.


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Great tractor and great modifications. The easiest thing to do is add an electric diverter valve to the bucket circuit. Tie in at the loader valve hoses. Check out Summit Hydraulics for their 30 GPM kit: Hydraulic Multiplier Selector Diverter Valve w/ Switch, 30 GPM

Also, make sure you grease the front axle rear pivot and do not ignore oil leaks from this area!
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Thank you for the hydraulic parts suggestion. This is a lead that will get me going in the right direction, but that specific part won't quite do it for me. I need to be able to use the raise/lower, curl, and 3rd/aux circuit all independently and/or simultaneously.

May I ask why you specifically mention the front axle pivot?
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Because the thin oring that seals that joint is susceptible to getting dirt in it due to its location possibly ruining the oring and leaking oil. Greasing it keeps the joint clean of dirt and the oring lubed.
If you lose oil, you can ruin the bearings at the very least, in the reversing gearbox.
The reversing box is only used on 345, 445 and 545 C and D models along with a handful of other machines. The gears are available, but expensive. The gear case is not available anymore.
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