Adding FEL to JD 750 2wd - to costly?

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Nov 29, 2022
Hi, new to tractor world, but just l0oked over very good condition JD 750. 2wd, no power steering and of course no fel. 1200 or so hrs.

My question, would it be too much and even is it possible to put a FEL on this machine? It would need the remotes or levers for the loader and the loader if I could find one - a #67 John Deere.

Anyone have any experience or know these older tractors. Think '85 and around 4k.
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You may do okay if you can find a used loader but a new one would be more than you're paying for the tractor. A good rule of thumb would be if you'll be wanting a loader don't buy a tractor without one. Many loaders have the control valve and mount right on them.
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Adding hydraulics to operate a loader would be the easiest part of the project. FINDING a loader and brackets would more of a challenge.

That said, this tractor, considering its size and lack of power steering, would not be a good match for a loader. Just my opinion here.
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Yeah I passed. Too much work and was missing the levers and side remotes that others had. And not very powerful even if I could find a loader.
Perfect shape though, started right up.

I will only look now for one with a loader!
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Compact tractors without a Loader and compact tractors with traditional clutch and gear transmissions usually sell for low prices due to lack of demand.

2-WD tractors are not very good with Loaders. When the bucket is loaded it leverage weight off the rear, driving wheels, reducing tractor traction.