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Feb 21, 2005
Central WI
Looking at grapples (root/tine) and wanting something relatively light that will match my tractor's capacity which is rated at about 2125# lifted to 59" at the pivot pin.

So I found Virnig makes a series (48" thru 72") that is decent weight, BUT only has a single, wide grapple. I could probably get them to weld direct hooks for my Deere loader and save the 92# for the skid steer carrier and get away with a 570-600# unit weight.

Quality Welding makes a kick but looking 73" unit much like I would build: but it weighs 885# which is a little much for my rig I think.

Any suggestions aside from building my own? I like the open end concept, but would also like to be able to atttach side plates for short item containment. Quality's unit lends itself well to that...
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I'd think the open ended unit would give good versatility. As for attaching side pieces, a person could easily weld some tabs for pins and make them easily and quickly removable.

By the way, welcome to the site. If I'm thinking right, I've seen you over at Atv Nation.
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If you are serious about wanting something out of the ordinary why not contact Andy at I'm sure he can help you. He's good at grapples, all kinds of grapples. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Tell em' Pine Ridge sent you. /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif
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Thanks, will keep that in mind. I have a local guy that I plan to check with also. I could build my own as well, but a product from someone more familiar (been there done that kinda guy) makes more sense, an I lack the time as well...

Also looking into how optimistic or conservative the ratings are for the 300CX loader.
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I gotta concur with Pine Ridge, that htatro does some nice work. My buddy Bill /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif (F100panel) has one of those grapples from htatro and loves it. I'm convinced and going the same route. Here's a pic of Bill's machine with the grapple.


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Does he do the bucket/tine part too? I'd like to have open ends and sifting capabilities...
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Andy is the kind of guy that can build anything that you might want him to. He has a CNC Plasma rig and knows how to use it. I sent him some sketches of parts that I needed and they cam back to me exactly as the drawings. Very cool stuff. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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This may sound kinda wierd, but I'm thinking that a skeleton rock bucket with a grapple would be very versatile. The sideplates could be removeable as could the grapple. The only drawback I see would be that the tines are tied together vs a tine bucket/grapple that could penetrate a brush pile easily.

Did he make your entire grapple bucket setup?

How large is a TC40 compared to a Deere? Must be like a 4000-20 series?
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If you can draw it Andy can make it. The only thing that he didn't cut for me was the 2 X 2 x 1/4' square tube and that was a cost saving issue since I already had the steel and the chop saw. In our case it was a grapple not a grapple bucket that he made.

I know beans about John Deere so I can't compare, mays a Deere guy will jump in and assist on the differences in size comparisons.