Amazing how much a little tractor can do

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Jun 20, 2011
lots including Kubota B's, L's, cat, etc.. over many years
Not mine, the pic came from a house west of me, but shows how much a little garden tractor can do with a good operator and patience.
Wednesday we got a little snow storm after most had already melted away and me thinks the operator did well getting her driveway open to the main road.

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When I had my SCUT TLB, building our house, I did what full size backhoes would normally be used. Did the full septic, all the utility trenches, grading, driveway install. It surely took longer, but I saved enough to almost pay for the tractor.
To call them a "garden tractor" is a misleading statement. They are just 'little' tractors. They do have their place and use.
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My first "tractor" was a Kubota BX2660 in 2009. I too was truly amazed at what it could lift or scoop or dig or mow....and with no issues.

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Yeah, that picture sums it up very well !
My first tractor was a B8200 2wd with a dirt scoop instead of a loader. I got a whole lotta work done with that machine when I first moved onto my 6 acre property.
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Never underestimate what a determined little tractor can accomplish over time. Slow but steady wins the race.

My first tractor was a B7500. As was said sbove, it got the job done , but just have to be patient.

I had two large piles of foundation dirt on my land when I bought the house. When moving the dirt, at times it felt like I was using a little tablespoon……just kept at it though.
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I can relate to that, and also what a little car can do. We got hit with two Blizzards last winter, up here in western NY, not far from the Canadian border. The second, and biggest one hit just before Christmas.

We had picked up our daughter, who was away across the state for college, the week prior. The day before we drove out there to get her, the 10 year old battery failed in her little car. Triple A flat-bedded it to her roommates friend’s shop out there, and they put in a replacement.

Fast forward to Christmas morning. Both of our daughter’s, my wife and I had been trapped in our house for (3) days. The roads were closed due to the big blizzard.

All of our motor vehicles, except for our daughters little white car, were in the barn or the garage. There was 6 ft snowdrifts blocking the overhead doors. Even my 4wd Durango field car was trapped inside the barn.

It finally stopped snowing about 9:00 am Christmas morning, as the girls were unwrapping their presents next to the tree. A big town plow truck made it down our road around noon.

My plow tractor was accessible, under the side porch of our barn, but I had cheaped out on it’s replacement battery. It lacked the CCA’s to crank the engine, in the below zero temperature that day, even though the block heater had been on for a few hours.

Fortunately, I only had to shovel about 30 ft to get that little white car over to the plow tractor to jump it. It took me over an hour to do that. When I hooked up the jumper cables, the week old battery in that little car cranked that tractors Diesel engine over like a raped ape.

After I got the tractor started , I used it to clear our driveway and our neighbors in less time than it took me to shovel the path from the little car to it.
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A smaller yard tractor can do alot with patience and time.

I know a few members of my family are amazed the little MF 1705 is still running with the crap I used it for. It's all I had, gotta make do.

Now since we added a bobcat 324, I've been much easier on the MF.
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Small dosnt mean not capable like some may just means it takes longer and when you own the machine it just means a few more dollars in diesel.

I own a little 3,500lb mini excavator. To date I have dug out a 5ft deep foundation, put in a complete septic, removed countless stumps to big to lift, put in a 700ft driveway through a woody swamp and cleared a large site for a cabin.

I once dug up a stump so big I had to use a log to fulcrum it up to break roots I couldn't get to. Then I had to dig and pack a ramp to tow it out of the hole with a truck. That stump took 6hrs but would have been in the middle of my foundation.