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Feb 7, 2005
Now that I got the neutral switch problem corrected, I have noticed a few days ago the diesel engine sounds it is underpowered.

This has been going on for several days now and I replaced the fuel filter. No change. As I give the engine power, it revs up and then starts a slow down like it is running out of fuel. No matter how much throttle I give it, the engine begins reving down and finally dies. It starts back up again and does the same thing. Because of this behavior, I am unable to use the machine.

I pulled one of the lines off the filter from the fuel pump (at least what I think it is) and turned the key. As the engine idled, fuel did come out of the hose but not a steady stream. Very irregular. So I am now wondering if it is the fuel pump.

Has anyone had this probemo before or can someone offer suggestions I have missed? thanks
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Have you checked the air filter, it can certainly restrict power.

Bob Rip
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Have you checked the fuel tank outlet. Different owners have had problems with obstructions in the fuel tank outlet.
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And of course the old fuel cap vent problem is a possibility, if it has one? If it is plugged and not venting, the tank will have a vacuum as the fuel level lowers. Easy to check, just unscrew the cap and try it. Just a thought...maybe not a good one.

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Could the strainer in the fuel pump be dirty? I think it is easy to check, just take the one screw off of the fuel pump and see if there's anything in there that shouldn't be.
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I will try the strainer on the fuel pump. Did not know it had one. Are you referring to the one screw in the middle of the top of the pump?

I checked for debris in the tank and removed the line from the tank to see if the fuel would run out the does.

Received the mini hoe and LMB a couple days ago. I think these will be two very useful items.
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Yep, it's the one with one screw.
Congrats on the minihoe purchase, it's a great attachment.
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Just a thought, but look and see if there is a small inlet screen built into the fuel pump or injection pump. I have seen one of these plug up and cause similar problems. This isn't 1430 specific, just a general observation.
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Took screw off the fuel pump and looked as if the small filter screen had some gunk in it. Could not tell for sure as when I removed it, the fuel enlosed in the area rushed out quickly, but here was a small amount of debris retained in the screen.

Anyway, I think it solved the problem. Appreciate the help. I would not have thought of the screen filter in the fuel pump.
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Don't mention it. It's always great to help out a fellow TBN'er. /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif