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Apr 7, 2015
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OK, well I like mayo on many things. BUT if we are going down pet peeve mode, well here is mine, PICKLES DO NOT BELONG ON HAMBURGERS. Period. And when you say "no pickles, no onions please" at ANY drive thru, what do you get? Pickles for sure. A standard hamburger at any fast food joint in America puts pickles on hamburgers.

It is just the way it is. And there isn't a "durn" thing you can do about it but pick the stinking things off yourself getting ketchup and mustard on your fingers. AND beside that the stink and taste of the pickle juice will still be on your hamburger. Yes Sir you can have your fricken hamburger any way you want it as long as it has pickles on it.

Yes I know I am the ONE person in the USA that does NOT like pickles. And that makes me very special.

Now, sure am glad I got that off my chest.

Sign me "no fricken" pickles in Branson. :)

Pickles are absolutely disgusting IMO. I fed my dog a half of a chicken sandwich the other day because I couldn’t stomach it even after I picked off the pickles. Usually I’m alright with them picked off but the small was gagging me. I might never understand the appeal to a pickle. The taste sucks, the smell sucks, the texture sucks. I don’t know why everyone wants to drown a burger or sandwich in whatever topping of your choosing either. Rather or not you actually like said sauce is irrelevant. It doesn’t take 6 ounces of sauce for one burger.
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Aug 31, 2001
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Does mayo belong on a italian hoagie?
No. If you put mayo on it, then it's just a better sandwich. :ROFLMAO:

Try this:

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Feb 15, 2005
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Lol. Having the same problem up here. Haven’t found a good Italian sub in 10 years. Boiled ham, American cheese seems to be the norm now. It’s a lost art I guess. Tried a new place last year and they came with Mayo. Specified vinegar and oil.
Boiled ham, all cut thinly, along with Capicola, Genoa, slicing peperoni and prosciutto. Provolone cheese as mentioned. Personally like more oil with just a touch of vinegar. My only abnormality (IMO 🤣) is I don't care for uncooked onions and prefer a sprinkle of jalapeño peppers just for a little kick.

Thing is, you would think you could find a decent italian hoagie at a italian restaurant (where I grew up with them up north), but for the most part, not the case around my local area.

Honestly, and it's kind of sad, the best I've found around here is from Jersey Mikes. They don't however yell "F U" when you walk in the door🤣


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Jul 21, 2021
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I hear you. Ultimately, if you are paying someone for a sandwich it should have what you want and only what you want. Who am to judge someone for not liking pickles? For me, it is bell peppers. If I have a Cheese steak, it has to be Texas style with jalapenos instead of bell peppers (preferably fresh, grilled jalapenos). Bell peppers just don't like me for some reason. To a Philly traditionalist, I would probably go to sandwich Hades for that.


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Jun 11, 2020
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Does mayo belong on a italian hoagie?

I'm just not certain if I've been in NC too long, but I NEVER put mayo on a italian sub.

My wife went out for fast food while I was sanding some trim, and I texted her no mayo just to make certain.

What comes on the hoagie? Fricken mayo.

I get people can whatever they want on a sandwhich, but on a spicey italian hoagie, is mayo normal around the country?

I mean provolone cheese with oil an vinegar, pepper yes, but mayo?

Heck, I call my wife a communist for putting mayo on her hamburgers LOL
i owned a couple sub sandwich stores.....long time ago, lots of work, not much $, in my case.

not only is mayo the most popular's also nasty!

no mayo on anything and no ketchup (catsup) on hotdogs.

is there a difference between ketchup and catsup?