Anybody know the 1972 Hinomoto Combac?

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Sep 7, 2010
Moss, Norway
Hinomoto Combac 1972
Being new to the forum, I try posting my concerns here:

I have an approx 1972+ model Hinomoto Combac compact digger tractor (made by Tyosha), see image #1 and #2 (the roof is homemade and added later). The starter is byond repair. As I understand from reading and searching all over, Toyosha delivered the engine drive line a number of years both for compact Massey Fergusson and Allis Chalmers. Any of those might then have the same starter?

Does any of you reading this happen to recognize / know the tractor?? Nobody has actually told me so, so far!! And that goes for several countries. But 40 years is a loong time

Waiting in excitement :)


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:welcome: to TBN! I have a Simplicity 9518 which has the toyosha engine in it. Simplicity, Massey Ferguson, Deutz Allis, Allis Chalmers, and Hinomoto had these Toyosha engines in them. Your starter looks similar to the one on my 9518, let me print off a picture real quick and go see if it is identical or not. :thumbsup:
   / Anybody know the 1972 Hinomoto Combac?
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I'm thrilled!!!
I have been on the net (suppliers, slavage, clubs, dealers etc) the past three days almost tearing it down and have had no luck whatsoever. Maybe this time? What I really need is something like this (similar, more known makes) as Hinomto fra that age seems to have vanished. I would say, if I didn't know I have one in the yard, I would believe it did not exist :confused2:
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Well, it looks like it is the same starter, what do you think? i got some pictures but the picture of yours is on the side that is facing in on my tractor. From the pictures though, they look the same. :)


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It is close, very close. But.. I'm definitely not certain it is the same. I enclose the rest of my pictures on the starter for you to see.
Do you agree in my worries? Especially the "bolting part" for the starter looks different on yours. And the end lid.


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where abouts are you? I will continue my search, my starter has a different end than that one. :confused2: I would bring it into an auto parts store (ie. Napa) and see if they can find it. They usually have that kinda stuff in their books.
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I now saw your next mails - what nice info!!
I have one more picture - this one. Saw your OEM part number, this one has
S13-16 on it. I wasnt sure if this was significant as nobody has found this number anywhere from Hitachi (dealers, suppliers etc). But seeing the number on yours, it must be the number to focus on?


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where abouts are you?

I'm in Norway. Moss is my town, just south of Oslo towards the Swedish boarder :)
I,m greatful for your help so far! No sucsess at first shot, but a very good try/start :)
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wow, the 5030 Allis Chalmers was VERY close. here is the link...

Starter Applications

OEM Part Nbr: S13-31

and you have a S13-16

I looked up the 5040 but it has an entirely different starter. :(

I am wondering if the S13-31 is the same thing....