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App and Registration confirmation issues

   / App and Registration confirmation issues #1  


New member
Jul 5, 2024
Summit TX25H
I just purchased a Summit TX25H and a couple implements. I love it so far but there are a couple concerns I'm hoping to put to bed. I was encouraged to join the Summit tractors connect app, and by all accounts, it doesn't exist (according to Google play).
I also went to the Summit tractors website to register my tractor (to activate the warranty), but when I filled out the registration form and submitted it, the form just reset to blank. I've received no confirmation that my registration was submitted successfully (even after multiple attempts). I don't want a technical issue to be the cause of no warranty on my tractor. Are there issues that are getting resolved right now, or is there something I'm missing?
   / App and Registration confirmation issues #2  
Hi there,

Regarding our app, it had a few bugs that our App team was working on fixing. So that would explain why the App store is not registering the app.

Secondly, the website registration form is working properly and if you submitted the form, we should have received it in our CRM system. We apologize there is not a confirmation message.

Lastly, whenever you need anything from service cases to FAQ's like this, please just reach out to us directly at 770-209-3390.

If you want you can direct message us your full name and we can confirm receipt of your registration.

Thank you,
The Summit Support Team
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