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Dec 7, 2004
Western Illinois
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I hope this belongs in Owning and Operating and not Buying and Pricing.

Currently I have a little over 28 hours of seat time on my new 4310 and would like to share some of my experience.

Overall, I am very impressed with this tractor. The fuel consumption has been impressive. With 24 hours of use, I had used 10 gallons of fuel and the tank was again full. With 28 hours I have most of the tank still showing on the gauge.

My dealer talked me into the e-power reverser. I was skeptical at first, but now that I have used it I am glad I listened. I didn't want the hydro due to the loss of power and also the fact that I have too many years of experience with a gear drive. I will certainly date myself with this next observation, but the foot pedal for throttle control is probably my favorite enhancement to any tractor. For most of my life I have used a tractor that only had a hand throttle. It is wonderful to be able to use my foot if needed.

I like the open platform design of the tractor although I am also accustomed to a straddle design. Both are workable, but the open platform seems to be more comfortable. I do have a complaint that I can no longer stand while driving, but I think that is true with any CUT today.

The front wheel drive is a real help. Normally I don't have it engaged, but several times in the last week I have been pulling loads that would have stopped a 2 wheel drive. I just pushed the 4 wheel button and walked away with the load. I had no intention of purchasing a 2 wheel drive, but it is great to know I was correct.

I had originally thought I had no need for a FEL but my brother had me use his Kubota for an afternoon. After using the loader I was hooked. I tell him that he cost me nearly $3600. The 300CX loader seems to be well built and has done everything I have asked from it. The dealer did a great job of welding hooks onto the top of the bucket and I have used it a great deal while removing trees from around fields. The rounded bottom of the bucket allows for easy cleaning.

After reading lots of posts on TBN I decided to add an Imatch to the tractor. Since I attach a lot of equipment alone, I thought the Imatch would be a good assistant. Now that I have used it, I can't imagine how I ever got along without one. My 5 foot pry-bar now sits unused in the machine shed and it takes only a few seconds to hook and unhook equipment.

Now for the negatives

This is the first Deere I have ever owned (and the first ever on this farm) and I still have trouble inserting the key. It is just below my line of vision and I have to put both hands down to locate the keyhole. A small detail, and I'm sure I will get better with time.

Climbing onto the tractor seems to be a bit of a problem without the loader. Before the loader was installed I noticed that I wanted to grab the steering wheel. I am of the opinion that repeated grabbing of the steering wheel will eventually cause damage to the wheel - perhaps I am too concerned about this issue.

On my first use of the tractor, the front right wheel seized up while driving in 4C. When I shifted down to 4B the problem went away. The dealer took the tractor back and eventually replaced the pumpkin. They said it had been torqued too hard on the assembly line.

I hope these observations provide some help for anyone still unsure of what to purchase.
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That's a nice assessment, I'm sure people will find it useful. Thanks for taking the time to write up your thoughts.

I admit I always grab the wheel to climb on my tractor. I assume they design it that way, otherwise they would add a grab handle or something.

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This is probably a dumb question, but what is a 'e-power reverser' and how does it operate compared to the hydro? What wears out on the e-reverser? Can you "feel" the torque of the machine with either an ehydo, or e-power reverser? Can you slowly creep up to an object with precision, with either "e", like a manual hydro? Does the ehydro, or e-power, change its characteristics (feel) depending on where it is in high/mid/low range?

I had a JD755 hydro, and I really liked the mechanical (no electronics) pedal feel and precision.
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Not sure I have enough technical knowledge to do justice to your questions, but I'll try.

The e-power reverser is a "hydro like" switch that is located just above the turn signals. Up allows you to move forward, middle is neutral and down is reverse. The gives you 12 combinations forward and the same in reverse.
I haven't had it long enough to know what wears out, but from my readings it doesn't have many problems. (maybe someone else can give more information on that subject).

I can feel the torque on my tractor, but don't know how it feels on a full hydro. As far a creeping up on an object, I put the tractor in a creeper gear and then idle it down most of the way. Then I use the foot throttle to move at the speed I want. I have to admit that you would probably get more precision with a hydro, but I've always had a gear tractor and so it seems natural for me to have to control proximity with the clutch.

I welcome any other comments to help answer your questions. Before I looked at this tractor, I didn't know such a thing existed.
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The e-power reverser is basically a geared transmission that allows you to to shift smoothly from forward to reverse without using the clutch or coming to a complete stop. There is a single lever, near the steering wheel, that controls forward and reverse motion. In every other way it is a geared tractor. Ground speed is based on throttle position for the gear selected. Changing gear selection requires the clutch.

I too had a 755 (for 16 years) and enjoyed it very much. I now have a 4310 with e-hydro.

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Thanks for the quick replies. So let me get this straight, with the e-power reverser, you must operate a hand lever to reverse? It's not foot operated?
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That sums it up. No foot peddle. Brakes are on right side, clutch on left. That is what I am accustomed to using, so a hydro feels strange to me. Probably a matter of what you get used to. I think I am too old to change /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif
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Got it. Thanks a bunch for the info and good luck with your machine! I'm looking at a new 4310 with loader and backhoe, unless I find something used at a good price.
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No, it's not "foot operated". There is a throttle pedal down on the floor pan. There is also a lever to control continuous rpm.
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I also have a 4310 ehydro and I'll have nothing but good things to say about this size CUT. It has gone "beyond the call of duty" many times. There's one thing that i would like Deere to change and that's do away with the fuel gauge and put a oil pressure gauge in it's place and have a low fuel light in place of a no oil pressure light. My fuel level gauge has never gave a correct reading. I've talked to other owners of the 4000 ten series and they ALL seem to have the same problem. It's still the best tractor in it's class in my opinion.