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Aug 12, 2005
Guernsey Co. Ohio
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Each year about this time I start brush hogging the family farm (135 acres) in southeastern Ohio. I'm the only one left on the farm, and my job doesn't really allow me the time to run cattle. I like to keep it clean however, so I spend most of my free time from now until Oct. mowing the hay fields and pastures. Without fail, I run into a number of yellow jacket nests, and the occasional hornets nest. Unfortunately, I seldom notice them before they notice me. In thirty minutes mowing Friday evening, I hit 3 hornets nests. One good bite to the top of the head, and I've already had enough for the year. Since I've just got started mowing for the year, I know there's plenty more to come, specifically yellow jackets. Does anybody have any ideas on how I can avoid getting stung as often, while still actually getting something done. It's frustrating having to leave a field only partially mowed and waiting for the skunks to find the bees. My only thoughts are, either a bee keepers type suit, which doesn't seem too pleasant in the August heat. Or, building a makeshift "cab" for the tractor, though I have my doubts how well I can seal it up. A Bug Tamers suit is another thought, but I'm unsure if they prevent bee stings. I guess I'm just looking for any ideas that may help. I've always just considerd it part of the job, but apparently I'm getting soft, because I've had enough. :)
   / Avoiding the inevitable beed
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