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Feb 21, 2005
Central WI
Considering a 744 to replace my trusty 455. The AWS option never interested me on my 455 as they had smaller 24" tires and the rear steer lost a lot of ground clearance. The latest seem to have the same size tires so now it's a matter of how much ground clearance is lost with steering linkage. Also, how "wierd" is the AWS when tilling? Backing up to start a pass?
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I used an AWS for several years tilling and it has its pros and cons. Maneuverability was great in a small garden or a fenced in one. The rear steering linkage would drag in the ground but I never worried about it because I traded tractors every year. Tilling close to a sidewalk or something like that was tricky because a very small movement of the steering wheel would be compounded to the rear in the wrong direction. If you want to turn to the right the rear moves to the left. And what finally steered me away from AWS all together was several customers said that if I drove a straight line then their rows would be straight. That isn't an easy thing to do with an AWS.
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That's kind of what I figured. Thanks for the reply.

Now if they had 3 selectable modes (2ws, crab, 4ws) wouldn't that be awesome???