B2920 verses BX24 & B3030

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Feb 15, 2005
Western PA
Kubota B1750, traded, L3010 sold, B2920, Mahindra eMax 25
I have decided to get a B2920, previously I have had a B1750 and L3010. The
B1750 did not have quite enough power, almost bought a B2910, but went
with L3010 instead. The L3010 was too big, too heavy to trailer. Now am
going back to B2920 for the power and small size, good pto power, not size.
The BX24 just did not have enough ground clearance, and with the new B2920
you have the frame mounted backhoe mounting. Also the three speed hydro
sold me, and its $2000 less than JD2520 with two speed hydro.
I have 4+ acres, less than an acre to mow but 450 ft. of driveway, also a
mother-in-laws house with 3 acres to mow about 7 miles away that we are
buying and will maintain for her.
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I just went through a similar evaluation. However since I have 8 acres, about 800 feet of driveway, 6+ acres of pasture, and 5 horses, I decided to go bigger. I am going with the B3030 for the larger size, added features, and greater loader and 3 point capacities as well as the capability to accept the 72" mowing deck.

Sounds like the 2920 is perfect for what you have to deal with, and the money saved can be put to other uses!

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You will enjoy the new model for what your conditions seem to be and your past experiences.